Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hello Dolls!

Sorry couldn't resist. This is my little doll world. I am the proud mama of a PD2A Blythe, Zoë and Cheshire Cat Little Pullip, Serenity. Zoë was my first Big head and wide eyed dolly. She joined my family in 2008. Serenity is a relative newcomer who joined the family in 2011. I had another girl, Pullip Neo Noir but she and I really didn't bond well so she has since been adopted.

I have found while Pullips are absolutely gorgeous, my heart seems to like Blythes better. I think I relate to it's big head on a small body! LOL No seriously, I just think they are cuter to ME. I will admit I do like the Little Pullips though... I don't know. LOL Maybe if the right Pullip came along... Prunella (my grail girl) for instance, my tune would most definitely be different. :-)

I do have a new girl coming next week, Blythe Friendly Freckles. I will take family pics when she arrives. Gives me a chance to get  Zoë some type of head covering. She's missing her dome and hair. She has a scalp but it's bald. :-o She's a work in progress. You'll see.

So until next post, have fun!

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