Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Need to Set A Budget

Seriously! I REALLY do because I will spend my whole paycheck on this hobby and I'm not completely sure my hubby would appreciate that too much even though he is VERY supportive. LOL

Case and point. Like two weeks ago, I purchased a loose LPS Blythe doll, Flowers 'n Fashion, from an eBay seller for a whopping $5 shipped. Yes $5 shipped. Little Miss Madison is the star of this week's 52 weeks of Blythe photo. Totally changed my art direction for the week. LOL

Little Miss Madison

So the other day while browsing for Petite Blythes, I came across a Petite Cinnamon Girl Blythe and the price including shipping was 1/5 of the 12" girl. I want the 12" Cinnamon Girl Blythe but I can't really afford to purchase her right now... The cheapest I've found was close to $200 and my hubby would DEFINITELY go into sticker shock if he knew how much I've been paying for my dolls. For those who buy these dolls regularly know that isn't a lot, it's pretty a normal price. But for those who don't know anything, they will gawk at me spending that on a 12" doll. So yea, the Cinnamon Girl petite blythe will soon join my other girls because I couldn't resist.

Photo Courtesy HotDotz on eBay

Oh I also rescued another Littlest Pet Shop Blythe, Playfully Plaid, off eBay as well. I didn't get the little pony though which I'm fine with but she will come with all of her other goodies including her box and stand.

Photo Courtesy Hasbro Toy Shop

Not that it goes without mentioning that my Little Pullip Cheshire won't be the only one anymore because look who will be joining the family.

Photo Courtesy Toys R Us

Yep, it's Little Pullip Blue Alice. Now I feel like I need to get the rest of the Alice In Wonderland Pullips to have a complete set. LOL

Doesn't it appear that I am building a petite dolly brigade? Oh I need more space for my growing dolly fam. :-)

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