Friday, March 9, 2012

Dolly Diet...

Well sorta. I've gone on a wee bit of a binge in the last couple of weeks purchasing new dollies that I kinda put myself on a dolly diet of sorts. No I can't promise that I'll stop buying dollies all together because that's just preposterous. I mean I will purchase my big girls with a little more discretion AFTER these two dollies,

Romantic Alice:FA

 Romantic Alice (photo taken by Requiemart)
(not sure which one she is since she will arrive nude w/o box) 

LE Another Alice Pullip (complete w/ stock) 
(photo taken by PullipStyle... awesome seller from my own personal experience)

that I currently have on layaway though.... I know, I know. I said I wasn't going to purchase any Pullips unless it was

  Prunella (photo taken by PullipStyle... 
awesome seller from my own personal experience)


Nomi (a.k.a. Nahh-Ato)
 Nomi (purchased from PullipStyle) 

is living proof that I can not and will not discriminate against them. LOL I mean who am I kidding... they are gorgeous and poseable to boot. I'm still on the hunt for Prunella and hopefully I will be able to find her since she is also a sold out doll. I guess you could say that Prunella is my grail Pullip doll. LOL Oh to dream!!

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