Sunday, May 27, 2012

Alanna in Snazzy Tights

Alanna wanted some new tights to go with her outfit I made and new shoes. I couldn't resist. Aren't her tights snazzy? :-) Yes those tights are made from the tutorial I found on pintrest.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pintrest Anyone?

I signed up for Pintrest months ago and don't ask me what made me go there this morning but I'm REALLY happy that I did. I came across soo many tutorials for some fun AG things. I've already made a pair of tights and socks (will post pics later) from an old knee high sock that was missing it's mate. LOL I also found out the Dollar Store is my new place to purchase materials for re-purpose doll clothing projects. I already sort of knew since the tank that I made for Alanna Rue was made from a black dollar store t-shirt.

 Now I will be looking for more hidden gems not only at the Dollar Store but also at Target in the clearance section for women undies that I can transform (re-purpose) into AG clothing as well.

So excited with ALL the possibilities!

Friday, May 25, 2012

9/52 (12/52) - A Friendly Picnic

These little ladies decided that they wanted to take advantage of the nice weather and go out on a picnic. Hiking Trip & Outdoor Afternoon are this weeks 52wpb & 52 weeks of Blythe stars!

12/52 - Chloe's Secret

12/52 - Chloe's Secret by Among the Dolls
12/52 - Chloe's Secret, a photo by Among the Dolls on Flickr.
I don't know if she has one or not but she sure does look like she's up to something. LOL

Chloe (a.k.a. Romantic Alice Blue Version Pullip) joined the family some weeks ago but I've been too busy to take photos of her. So, I made her this week's ADAW photo star.

BJD Dolly Dilemma Of Sorts

Alright as I already posted, I would like to get my first BJD and I thought that I would get two YoSD sized Doll-Love YoYo but after some reading on the Den of Angels forum (for those who don't know, it's the go to forum for BJDs), I came across some more 27cm girls plus a couple of 16cm AND 42cm BJDs that I would like to help create my BJD family. After looking at the dolls, I actually got my tape measure and ruler out to see how tall these dolls would stand. LOL
Check out these beautiful girls...

Photo taken by Asleep Eidolon
Donut is a 16cm Asleep Eidolon
Photo taken by Asleep Eidolon
Chocolate is a 16cm Asleep Eidolon
Photo taken by Asleep Eidolon
Lian Rong is a 27cm Asleep Eidolon
Photo taken by Asleep Eidolon
Hana is a 27cm Asleep Eidolon
Photo taken by Asleep Eidolon
Blueberry is a 42cm Asleep Eidolon

Now do you see my dilemma? Who should I get first? Should I get them with company faceups or get them commissioned? That actually makes a difference on whether they'll pre-orders or in-stock items. These are some beautiful sculpts and I want ALL 4 of them. LOL I thought that I wanted the Doll-Love Yoyo but after finding these beautiful girls, she isn't a "must-have BJD" anymore.

Decisions... Decisions.....

Sunday, May 20, 2012

All Paid Up...

Remember those layaways that I spoke about a little less than 2 months ago. Well I can proudly say that I am the proud new official owner of Romantic Alice (Blue Version), AG #21 AND I even found a bait Basaak during my journeys but I decided that I won't get Another Alice Pullip. LOL

BUT there will be another new girl joining my dolly family. She will be like no other because she will be resin girl. Yes I will be getting my first resin ABJD! Can I squee now or should I wait until she arrives? How about I do it now and later. LOL

So after a lot of going back and forth on different doll companies... Soom, ResinSoul, Bobobie, Doll Leaves, Luts, etc. I finally made my choice and I will be getting two Doll-Love YoYo in Brown (Tan) and Pink (YoSD/ 26.5cm or 10.5") resin... I think. I'm still deciding if I want both or not.

 Photo taken by Doll-Love

If you have ever been in the doll community I'm sure you have heard of Asian Ball Jointed Dolls or ABJDs or BJDs. They don't come like the photo above unless you purchase them with fullsets which include the company faceup, clothing, shoes and wig. Mine will only come with the faceup since they are my first BJDs but she will be nude and bald. I'm super excited but have to wait at least 2 months because they're pre-order dolls.

So excited!!

Alanna Rue in Welcome Outfit

Here is an black tank top and white corduroy outfit I made for Alanna's arrival. I love how the white stitching compliments the shorts and shoes, wanted to try something different. Oh, the shoes I got at Michael's.

I REALLY need to fix her hair. LOL

Alanna Rue

Alanna Rue by Among the Dolls
Alanna Rue, a photo by Among the Dolls on Flickr.
Alanna Rue (AGT #26) is also another new girl to my AG family. I am so smitten with her unique Amber eyes and almost curly hair. Well she is suppose to have curly hair but again another inexperienced hair stylist took a brush to it but that's alright. I'm going to fix her hair right up and restore it to glorious curliness. :-)

Alyssa Marie

Alyssa Marie by Among the Dolls
Alyssa Marie, a photo by Among the Dolls on Flickr.
Alyssa is a Re-wigged PM Josephina. Check out what she looked before her new wig here...

I love her new hair. She is so pretty. Oh she also doesn't have the pirate one earring either. I removed it and now I just need to find her some new earrings.

Mandy Lynn

Mandy Lynn by Among the Dolls
Mandy Lynn, a photo by Among the Dolls on Flickr.
Mandy Lynn (PM AGT #21) is one of my newest girls. She has the prettiest green eyes. Poor thing met with a bad hair cut and terrible dye job. There is no hope for her wig. LOL So she will be re-wigged once I figure out what kind of hair I want her to have. Decisions... Decisions....

Thursday, May 10, 2012

8/52 (11/52) - California Dreamin

Here are a couple of the girls enjoying some time outside in sunny & HOT So Cal for our ADAW, 52wpb and 52 weeks of Blythe photo shoot.