Friday, June 1, 2012

New Developments In BJD land

I know real corny but it's true. So over the weekend, I decided to visit another dolly forum that I belong too and came across a Lati Yellow Lea head. I contacted the seller and was going to purchase her until I ran into the problem of actually finding a body for the head. So, I was a bit crushed because I thought that my chance at a Lati Yellow had passed me by.

Boy, was I ever wrong. Check out my first BJD purchase EVER!

Lati Yellow Christmas Elf ver. Coco (2011)
It’s official!!! I got the privilege of adopting this cute little girl from a lovely lady on DoA (these are her pics). Yes this little sweetie will be all mine in a few weeks, she’s currently on layaway. Her name will be Talia and she is a Lati Yellow Christmas Elf ver. Coco (2011). Doesn’t she have the sweetest face? I can’t wait to get her.
Here’s the thing, these little cuties were the whole reason why I became interested in BJDs in the first place and now for a Lati Yellow to be my FIRST BJD, I am over the moon excited!! I thought they were the cutest little things and I’ve always wanted one and to actually be getting one, words can’t even express the joy I’m feeling.
Now, I’m trying to figure out how to pay her off sooner than later. LOL Talia has already stolen my heart and she’s not even here yet. I can’t wait to sew for her. I mean already sew for my American Girls and Blythe dolls. I think sewing for her may help me pass the time. I may be a little antsy though now that I know she is mine and will be coming. As of right now, I have 1 payment down, 5 to go!