Friday, August 31, 2012

Noelle's New Hairs

Noelle's New Hairs by Among the Dolls
Noelle's New Hairs, a photo by Among the Dolls on Flickr.
I was able to make Noelle a wig out of white tibetan lambskin. Now my girl isn't bald anymore. :-)

Meet Noelle - PukiFee Luna Box Opening

My newest arrival, Noelle, PukiFee Luna with company default faceup

Meet Noelle - PKF Luna Box Opening

She's here! She's here!

Meet Noelle - PKF Luna Box Opening

Is she behind all that newspaper??? 

Meet Noelle - PKF Luna

All nicely bubble wrapped...


She came in a pretty pink box... My favorite color!

Meet Noelle - PKF Luna

There she is. My newest arrival, Noelle, PKF Luna. I <3 her!

 Meet Noelle - PKF Luna

Noelle :: "Where am I?"
Me :: "Your new home."
Noelle :: "No more living at DDE?"
Me :: "Nope! You live in sunny So Cal now."
Noelle :: "California?"
Me :: "Yep, you're a California girl now."
Noelle :: "COOL!"

Meet Noelle - PKF Luna

Noelle :: "Is this normal? Do we not wear clothing in California?"
Me :: " Of course we do but this is just part of your box opening photo shoot."
Noelle :: "Umm, okay... I think."

Meet Noelle - PKF Luna
Me :: "See. Now you have a pretty dress on."
Noelle :: "Yes, it is a pretty dress. Who made it?"
Me :: "Well, I did."
Noelle :: "Thank you very much."
Me :: "You're welcome."
Noelle :: "But could we hold off on anymore photos until I have some hairs?"
Me :: "Okay... Unless I crochet you at hat first!"

19/52 - Groovy Maya

19/52 - Groovy Maya by Among the Dolls
19/52 - Groovy Maya, a photo by Among the Dolls on Flickr.
Maya w/ Groovy Bear (courtesy of my 5yo) couldn't resist using this for my 52 weeks of Blythe photo.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

19/52 - Angelic Tallulah

I love the way this shot came out while testing the right lighting angle. Perfect for ADAW photo.

Tallulah Tests New Lighting Setup

Today I made a lightboxbof sorta for indoor photoshoots because it's just tooo darned hot outside. LOL

Attempting 1st BJD Faceup

Well my daughter is ready for her Misty (BBB Ariel) to get a faceup. So I wiped the original faceup the previous owner had on her off. It just wasn't our style. My daughter said that it was "too dramatic". LOL

Misty (BBB Ariel) Upon Arrival

Misty (BBB Ariel) After Previous Owner Faceup Removal 

I really did try my hardest to get all of the color off to be best of my ability and to what supplies I had on hand. I think I may invest in some other stuff to take faceups off because what I used was VERY labor intensive. 

Anyways, I thought I would chronicle my adventures in doing faceups. I mean I will have some more little ones that will be joining my BJD family soon and while a couple will be coming with faceups there are quite a bit that will not. I've gone back and forth with whether I should learn how to do them or not for quite sometime now and I've figured I might as well learn how to at least do a simple (natural) face up. :-)

New Girls Arriving Soon!

I'm so excited because I have some new BJDs arriving within the next couple days to a few weeks (overseas shipping), I'll have my PukiFee Luna, Pukipuki Cupid and Lati Yellow Xmas Elf ver Coco finally home!? All their layaways are all paid in full. Now my Tallulah will have some new sisters to hang out with. I haven't chosen any names for them yet because I want to see what their personalities are first. I still have my Lati White Sp Kong and RS Rong to pay for but it feels good to only have 2 outstanding layaways than MANY!

On a sadder note, no Middie Blythe for me. It appears my Middie Melo Melo Mew was shipped to another buyer by the seller and while the seller has stated they would send me a new one. Plus I've been hearing a lot of horror stories regarding quality control surrounding this Middie that I've just asked for a refund. I've since lost my interest in her and will wait for the pink haired Middie in October.
I'll just enjoy all my current girls PLUS the ones arriving soon. I need to get sewing on there "Welcome Home" outfits! :-)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gifts from Hubby

So I've been really sick the last couple of days to the point where it was a lot of work to go to the bathroom and haven't made it to work. I'm slowly on the mend and hope to be able to return to work on Tuesday. Well this morning Hubby took 3 of the 5 children out to practice bowling and look at the "Get Well" goodies they bought back.

Yes, that is THE MH Venus McFlytrap

But wait there's more...

Yes, MH Robecca Steam TOO!

I should get sick more often. No just kidding! I don't like being sick. But I'm really happy that I got these girls!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Middie Blythe Francoise Ananassa (October 2012)

I know I said no more buying dolls for this year BUT it's a pink haired Middie! She would be a perfect companion for my mint haired Middie Melo Melo Mew (arriving soon)! It was announced on

It's strawberry picking day!
Invite all your friends and we can have a strawberry picking party!
Let's make a milk shake using our fresh strawberries.
We could make strawberry shampoo or sweet strawberry perfume.
You can become a sweet strawberry girl like me!
Francoise Ananassa doesn't smell of strawberries, but she's just as sweet! Her dress and bonnet have a lovely strawberry pattern fabric.
Her skirt is tiered with strawberry and polka dot patterns.
Her beautiful bonnet frames her sweet little face. She has a new type of Middie sized "lace-up" boots.
Her hair color is pink. She has long, loose curls with straight bangs.
Her eye color is a lovely cobalt blue. She wears brown eyeshadow with a pink blush and lip.
Her skin tone is Fair.

** Enjoy the design illustration for a hint of what's to come.
Please note, the final product may differ from the design image.
Release Date: October 2012
Price: 10,290 JPY

Monday, August 20, 2012

MSD Hat for RS Rong

MSD Hat for RS Rong by Among the Dolls
MSD Hat for RS Rong, a photo by Among the Dolls on Flickr.
Noelle (NS RS Rong) isn't even here yet and I've already made her a shirt (WIP... need to adjust the sleeve length) and this cute little hat.

18/52 - Anais New Hat

18/52 - Anais New Hat by Among the Dolls
18/52 - Anais New Hat, a photo by Among the Dolls on Flickr.
My poor Anais needed a little bit of love. Thanks to a couple of ladies on Twitter talking crochet yesterday and me needing something to do at work for lunch. Anais was able to get herself a new hat and be the ADAW & 52 Weeks of Blythe photo. :-)

Now the other girls want hats as well. :-) They'll be getting the same colorway because I have A LOT of this color yarn. These little hats went together really quick and I was able to finish one in my 45 minute lunch break. I think I will keep a little stash of yarn and my crochet hook in my purse. Looking at getting some more yarn later on this week. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

100th Post... MSD Top!

Wow my 100th post! With my very first MSD BJD RS Rong arriving soon, I decided to make her something to wear so she won't be nude.
Ummm... yea, as you can see I need to shorten the arm lengths BUT the fit is nice on her and I didn't even have to take off Misty's (BBB Ariel) head to put it on either! I will be adjusting the pattern and making more for my girl. I'll let my daughter keep this one since I used her doll as my model. LOL

Monday, August 13, 2012

Storybook Zoë

Storybook Zoë by Among the Dolls
Storybook Zoë, a photo by Among the Dolls on Flickr.

Zoë wanted a sprout shot of her but she chose a different tree. She look like she's laying down!

Zoë Gets Some Sun

Zoë Gets Some Sun by Among the Dolls
Zoë Gets Some Sun, a photo by Among the Dolls on Flickr.

Zoë gets a little TOO much sun on our walk home.

(Berlin filter added way too much sun. LOL)

17/52 - Zoë Takes A Walk

So Zoë (PD2A w/ FrFr scalp) let me know that she wanted to walk the kids to school this morning.

Giving me the perfect opportunity to shoot ADAW and 52 weeks of Blythe photo.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

MSD for Me!

My new MSD… NS Resinsoul Rong… I just put a deposit on this beautiful girl (not my pic… owner pic), can’t wait to pay her off and get her home. To be honest, I never thought I would get RS Rong because I wasn’t feeling the company faceup or her ears BUT then I saw this beautiful girl and knew she was the MSD for me! Now Tallulah will have a BIG sister. : -)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Talia Sitting Pretty

Talia Sitting Pretty by Among the Dolls
Talia Sitting Pretty, a photo by Among the Dolls on Flickr.

Talia sitting in a near by tree.

Daydreaming Talia

Daydreaming Talia by Among the Dolls
Daydreaming Talia, a photo by Among the Dolls on Flickr.

What could she be daydreaming about?

Talia Resting

Talia Resting by Among the Dolls
Talia Resting, a photo by Among the Dolls on Flickr.

Talia was tired from her walking and decided to take a break.

Talia Hanging Around

Talia Hanging Around by Among the Dolls
Talia Hanging Around, a photo by Among the Dolls on Flickr.

Talia lounging in a nearby tree.

16/52 - Talia Enjoys Nature

Today was my kids first day of school. On the way home from picking up my Kindergartener, Talia told me she wanted to go.

So here's Talia enjoying nature for our ADAW & 52 weeks of Blythe photo.

Monday, August 6, 2012

My Dolly Plans 2nd Half of 2012

I've decided my dolly plans for the second half of 2012, will be to pay off all my outstanding layaways and get only one more BJD doll for the year... ResinSoul (RS) Ya with Rong body in light tan resin.... unless a LittleFee Ante or Rachel OR a MNF Luka, Miyu, Ryeon or Chloe happen to appear within my price range. ^x^ I thought with BJDs costing more my spending habits would be slowed down but not true thanks to layaway. Must teach myself restraint otherwise my dollies will outgrown my space. LOL
Time to focus my attention and spoil the dollies already residing with me and prepare for those incoming.
Like make them some new clothes, build them a little display box (room thingy) which I'm really excited to try my hand at making diorama type goodies and collecting re-ment to create scenes. Definitely take A LOT more photos of the girls in different places, with different backdrops and all around fun. Found a tutorial on how to make my own backdrops out of card stock and patterned paper. No more new dolls besides the ones already on layaway or aforementioned!!!
Anyways, that's my plan! :P

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tallulah & Misty

Tallulah & Misty by Among the Dolls
Tallulah & Misty, a photo by Among the Dolls on Flickr.
Sweet Tallulah (BBB Lucky) with my daughter's, Misty (WS BBB Ariel).

After taking some photos of Misty plus this one of her and Tallulah. I now see my little Tallulah needs a BIG sister. Guess I'll be adding a MSD to my own dolly family soon. :-)

Misty - WS BBB Ariel

Misty - WS BBB Ariel by Among the Dolls
Misty - WS BBB Ariel, a photo by Among the Dolls on Flickr.
My daughter's WS BBB Ariel, Misty

Friday, August 3, 2012

Decision Has Been Made... Sort of

About whether I really want a MSD sized doll or not. My problem is that I don't want any ole MSD sized doll, I would like to get a MiniFee (MNF) Miyu or Ryeon but like I've already stated those cost quite a bit. Yes I could save the money BUT I'm not sure my hubby would take to kindly to that much spent on a doll, even if it's my own money. I THINK I'm going to get either a Bobobie Espree or Sprite (only difference are the elf ears) or possibly ResinSoul Ya or Mei (only difference are the elf ears) to satisfy my MSD craving because I feel the only way I could afford/justify a MNF purchase would be to purchase her second which I have no problems doing that but still she would be out of  my price range.

Oh the joys of BJD collecting...

15/52 - Pop Talia

15/52 - Pop Talia by Among the Dolls
15/52 - Pop Talia, a photo by Among the Dolls on Flickr.
A little post production fun with Talia for this week's ADAW and 52 weeks of Blythe photo.