Monday, October 29, 2012

MNF Rheia

MNF Rheia by Among the Dolls
MNF Rheia, a photo by Among the Dolls on Flickr.
My newest arrivial, MNF Rheia in a temporary wig and eyes. The eyes aren't really in her head they're kinda just placed there. LOL she is nameless as of right now. Trying to figure out her personality. :-)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Dolly Musings

Guess who's downsizing their dolly collection? Okay I'm not really downsizing, it's more like I made room for dolls I prefer.

Remember I recently received two Lati dolls (Lati White Sp Kong & Lati Yellow Christmas Elf Coco)? Well I found I'm just not smitten with them as I thought I would be. I love most Lati Yellow doll sculpts like I LOVE the pouty expressions of Lea and Miel. I should have just waited and gotten THEM instead of two other Latis just because they were available. I thought I would like Kong & Coco but I was WRONG! LOL So, they have since been adopted.

I am finding that I really can't bond with a doll if I don't like their sculpt. Yes I sold my Latis but that doesn't mean that I won't get any more. I do plan to get both Latis... Lea and Miel. I would love to hometan them. :-) I've seen them hometanned and they look AMAZING.

I also found out I like Fairyland dolls better. I currently own PukiPuki Cupid (Penelope), PukiFee Luna (Noelle), LittleFee Rachel (Piper) AND have a MiniFee Rheia (Tempest... I think.. LOL), PukiFee Pong Pong (Rainbow) and LTF Ante face plate (she'll share Piper's body until I can get her own) on the way PLUS MiniFee ShuShu on layaway. Ideally my collection would be complete for now but I wouldn't mind getting a MiniFee Chloe, LittleFee Luna, PukiFee Bonnie and PukiFee Ante though. ::Hint! Hint! Hubby perfect Christmas (12/25) & 10 year wedding anniversary (12/28) presents!!::

A girl can dream right! :-)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Talia Keeps Warm

Talia Keeps Warm by Among the Dolls
Talia Keeps Warm, a photo by Among the Dolls on Flickr.
Talia keeping warm on the walk home after dropping the kids off at school this morning by wearing the girls top by ericaduh they won in her giveaway a month or two ago.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Current BJD family photo Oct. 2012

Yay for quick and impromptu first family photo of my BJDs. As you can see there are a couple missing from this photo but they have moved on to new homes. I'm honing in on my preferences and letting go of those that I'm not bonding with.

Current BJDS::
(top lt to rt)
Piper :: LittleFee Rachel
Echo :: ResinSoul Rong
Penelope :: PukiPuki Cupid
(bottom lt to rt)
Rain :: LE Lati Yellow Xmas Elf Coco
Noelle :: PukiFee Luna

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Piper is whole.

My LTF Rachel now has a body. Yay! I also found out that she can fit my Blythe dresses but I had to remove her hands first. LOL So excited for my Piper to be a complete dolly. She was so worth the wait. I <3 her!

Friday, October 5, 2012

More Dolly Time Coming Soon!!

So I have neglected my girls for quite a few weeks and I feel TERRIBLE about it. But that's all about to change. Sort of... I have a couple of new girls arriving soon... Does a LittleFee Girl body count as a new dolly? Of course it does. LOL My LittleFee Rachel will soon have her body, hopefully it'll be here by Monday or Tuesday.

ALSO, remember how I wasn't able to get Middie Blythe Melo Melo Mew? Well as luck would have it, I happened upon a custom kitty Middie Melo Melo Mew. She should be here hopefully by the beginning of November as she's traveling from Norway.

AND I also have a MiniFee Rheia who should also be here by the beginning of November as well. Yes, she's also traveling from Sweden.

It appears that I love adopting new dollies internationally. LOL These new girls will need names, off to think...