Thursday, May 16, 2013

Exploring New Horizons

Farewell corporate America and hello handmade indie business creative. Since I am no longer employed by a big major retailer anymore, I still need money to purchase my dollies plus goodies for them. :) So I'll be putting all of my creative skills to work and open up an etsy shop. I mean I actually opened one up in Sept. 2012 to de-stash some craft supplies as it was taking over my home BUT never did get around to taking the photos or listing anything but that's all going to change now. I think I'll list mostly goodies for American Girl Dolls and maybe a few things for Dals and Pullips.

Here is what's currently listed in the etsy shop.

I plan to eventually have my own shop right here on Among the Dolls but it'll involve some coding and will take some time to get right, so in the meantime I'll use etsy to list new items and post here when new stuff is listed on etsy as well as announce sales, giveaways, contests, etc. I'm really excited about opening up my own shop.

Here to exploring new horizons. :)

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