Friday, May 24, 2013

New Found Happiness

Yesterday while watching my daughter sew for her dolls, I was so happy to see how she LOVED what she created and I'm glad I was able to help her achieve success sewing for them. It gave me time to work on my own patterns for a few of my tiniest girls... Penelope (my PukiPuki Cupid) and Miyumi (Little Dal+ Cinnamoroll/11cm Obitsu Hybrid). I was able to sew up a few of the pieces from my patterns and they look super cute on my girls plus the happiness I felt creating for my smallest girls was inexplicable. I did find out PukiPuki dolls are actually shorter and slimmer than 11cm Obitsu bodies. The clothing fits both girls but I'm partial to the look on my PukiPuki because Penelope is too adorable for words. I'm happy I have all this fabric to make clothing for these little ladies. I plan on listing some of the clothing sets for the tiniest ladies (11cm) in our dollie collections in my shop.

Couldn't resist taking a photo of Miyumi & Penelope in these matching outfits I finished making. Miyumi has on a dress and Penelope is wearing a graphic t-shirt and skirt. Time to get some more transfer paper. :) Penelope insisted on having hair to match Miyumi, good thing I already made a wig in her size. (^.^)

(Little Dal+ Cinnamoroll/11 cm obitsu hybrid and Pukipuki Cupid)

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