Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Finding My Way!

What a vague but compelling post title. LOL

I've been going back and forth about my handmade doll clothing on whether I should offer them all in one spot or separate them. I've decided since I am a collector of many type of dolls there are others out there like myself who also collect different types of dolls and would find it awesome not to mention convenient to get all of my handmade dollie goodies in one spot.

So after talking with a fellow dollie collector, I've decided that ALL of my handmade dollie goodies will be from Among the Dolls because that's who I am . :)

Sneak peek of the "I Want Candy" collection for Dal dolls! These dresses are made to fit Dal doll bodies perfectly. :) Sorry Blythe but they unfortunately are to small for you.

Stay tuned...

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