Tuesday, July 16, 2013

American Girl Doll Wishlist

My post about my Debating on a New Girl! has me rethinking my 18" American Girl Doll collection on which dolls I'd like to add in the future. I really did think I was done and happy with my 4 girls... PM #4, #26, PM Felicity and PM Josefina BUT there are a couple more girls I wouldn't mind joining the family. :)

At first I thought I'd need to purchase Historical girls to get the look I wanted but I'm not really a Historical collector and would be purchasing the doll for the doll and wouldn't want their clothing, accessories, etc. Which I think would be a total waste since all my girls are modern... Josefina has been rewigged and is now Alyssa and Felicity also rewigged and she's Renee.

With a little reserach I was able to find the face molds of the AGs I'm after with corresponding JLY numbers! I'm so excited I found the list and I will be able to add to my collection without worrying about them being Historical and making them modern. These are the three AGs, #40 , #47 and #53, who are now on my wishlist to purchase. :) First girl to get is #53, plan to get her as soon as possible... hopefully soonish. LOL

Oh on a sidenote, I passed on Mini AG Molly, won Mini AG Rebecca and pre-ordered Mini AG Saige from Amazon. I just ♥ her boots! See like that I went from none to 2! ;)

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