Monday, July 15, 2013

Debating on a New Girl!

I told myself I wouldn't catch the bug and collect Mini American Girl Dolls but I think I may have finally caved in because I contacted a seller on AGPT abouta Mini AG Molly and waiting to her back from her. :) Ack, I also bid on an Mini AG Rebecca but not exactly sure if I'll win her. There's a little less than a day left on her but I'll keep my fingers crossed. :) I would ♥ to get an 18" version or even a #53 some day.

Here's my thing with Mini AGs, I came to the conclusion that if I purchase one, she can't be the only Mini AG here so there are a couple more girls I'll have to purchase so she isn't alone. ;) Oh you want to know which are the lucky girls? Here they are in no particular order: Emily, Kit, C├ęcile, Josefina, Ivy, Caroline and Julie. See why I didn't want to get bit by the Mini AG bug? I went from none to wanting 8!

I figure Mini American Girl Dolls would be a lot easier to take along on family adventures than their 18" counterparts. The 18" girls don't travel at all, they're my non travel dolls. Too afraid someone might mess up my dolls. :( So getting 6.5" Mini AGs are a natural choice as travel companions without the added worry, plus I think people find me weird when I pull out my dolls and take photos. My MIL took a jab at me one day talking about them being my imaginary friends. But I don't care plus my hubby is super amazing when it comes to me and taking my dolls along with us and pohotgraphing them. He offers photo shoot/setting ideas and I even have photos of him holding various dolls in public but he'd get mad if i posted those. LOL

Decisions... decisions!

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