Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dollie Diet Over... Plus New Camera!!

So excited because eBay happened to be a treasure trove of sorts for me this week! It was perfect timing for me to find some new to me girls to add to my American Girl Doll collection. Not only will MyAG #28 come home by the end of this week, she's also going to bring 2 other girls with her! Okay, they are coming from 3 different places but 3 new girls will be arriving starting this weekend. :D

I won MyAG #28 on Sunday. She's a TLC fixer upper but she was a fantastic price, so worth the extra elbow grease. Looks like it's time to get more Oxy-10 and Magic Erasers to clean this girl up. After initial clean up, she'll need her eyelashes repaired as they've been cut. Also I'm not exactly sure if she'll need a new wig or if the one she has is salvageable. It doesn't look cut but does look thin and VERY dry. Guess I'll see once she arrives.

The second girl, also acquired on Sunday, is AG Elizabeth in serious TLC condition but again the price was right making the needed repairs worth it. She needs her right leg reattached as well as a good scrub AND a new wig (the back of her head is bald). I don't think I'll re-wig her with a blonde wig though. Still uncertain on wig color/style for her. Elizabeth has such beautiful blue eyes that I want them to stand out. So I'm leaning toward maybe a darker wig to achieve the look I'm after. :) Of course once she's completed, she'll be fka (formerly known as) Elizabeth. New name to go with her new lease on life. :)

And the last girl was an early morning eBay acquisition and she's a MyAG #31. Out of all the dolls coming, she's in the best condition. From what I can see in the photos she doesn't have shiny/rub marks/stains, all her limbs are attached and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with her with the exception of her wig. It looks full and perfect but extremely dry. She appears to be in EUC and her price was right along the lines of the TLC girls. I wonder if the seller lowered the price because she wasn't selling which is sad, she's a beautiful girl. Whatever the reasoning she was meant to come live with me. :)

I know these 3 girls weren't on my original wishlist but I think it's because I didn't really know who I wanted to add. LOL I thought I needed to have at least one of each face mold offered by AG in my collection but I'm not really a fan of the Kaya, Jess or Sonali face molds. They are just not my cup of tea. I found I really like the Josefina mold a lot with it's versatility. :) I also wanted to add another Addy face mold but with darker skin and straight hair without bangs (I don't really care for bangs) since I already have #26, a curly hair girl with medium skin. So I was happy I happened across MyAG #31. Some AG collectors like the classic face mold while others like the Jess face mold but I like the Josefina face mold. :)

On a non-dollie note, I also won a Holga 120s! :D Yes, the cult icon 120mm plastic toy film camera. I know in this day and age everyone is for instant gratification (a.k.a. digital) I'm quite guilty of this myself, using my cell phone for A LOT of photos BUT I want to take a step back and actually work with... film! *gasp* Yes film still exists. Not only do I want to shoot using film but also want to learn to develop my own negatives and prints. :) I plan to work mainly in traditional black & white film though. I know people will wonder why get a plastic camera when you can get a "real" medium format camera for just a bit more. I'm of the mindset that it's not so much the camera as it is the photographer who creates beautiful photographs and your camera is just your tool to help achieve photographic success. Plus I want the simplicity and just have fun. :D

Here a couple of non-doll related digital photos that I'm really proud of.

Now to wait for my packages. Looking forward to quite a few happy mail days! :)

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