Saturday, July 20, 2013

It's Official!!!

How's that for a post title?! :P

Anywho, I've finally decided on which 18" American Girl Doll I'll be getting next. Funny thing is this girl wasn't even in my original list of wants. LOL BUT I really, really ♥ the look of MyAG #28, so she's who I'm going to get. :) I'm going on a dollie diet until I can bring her home. No new girls for this girl unless it's MyAG #28. I would ♥ the experience of picking out my new AG from the AGP-LA but I don't know if it's really an option unless I go on my hubby's day off AFTER the kids return to school on 8/7. Only problem with that is I don't want to wait until then to get my girl when I could order her online and receive her before then. I've also looked on eBay which would be another option for bringing my girl home sooner than later. Who else suffers the have to have it now syndrome once you're mind is made up? It's all consuming and I won't rest until I bring her home. LOL Keeping my fingers crossed to bringing her home before the kids go back to school on 8/7. :-D

On a sidenote, I'm working on the girl's dossiers and hope to solidify their personalities/relationships. I do know once #28 arrives, she and Alyssa (PM Josefina) will be sisters. Alyssa will be the older sister to #28 (name chosen but won't be revealed until she arrives ;-) ). Also Alanna (#26), #28 and Alyssa are cousins. Willow (#4) and Renee (PM Felicity) are #28's best friends. Coolness factor?! They will all attended the same all girl's academy... I think. :) Guess I better get to making the school uniforms. I have a little time since their school won't start until Sept. ;) Guess it's time to plan the girl's own blog... finally! LOL

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