Saturday, July 27, 2013

Reconstructing Amera

On Thursday #28 arrived while I was out with family celebrating my nephew's birthday. She was in better condition than I expected.

As you can see she was in need of a wee bit of TLC. She's already had the black spot removed from her face and her hair has also undergone treatment. Amera (#28) is such a beautiful doll and I'm glad I rescued her. I do need to decide what to do with her eyelashes but for now they'll remain. I ♥ #28!

ADAD 211/365
On a sad doll note, it looks like AG Elizabeth from eBay will NOT be joining me after all. I paid the seller but haven't heard ANYTHING from them. No shipping notice, response to my emails/messages, nothing. I guess this is what I get for using a new seller. I wanted to give the seller benefit of a doubt but I can't because they aren't even communicating with me but still listing new auctions. So if the doll doesn't show up within the estimated time, I'll file a complaint with eBay. I'm really bummed out about this and hoping my doll will show up unannounced.

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