Monday, July 8, 2013

Something Sweet!

How's that for an enticing post title? ;)

Anywho, I woke up this morning wanting to make some lollipops and set forth at 6:30am looking for my hard candy molds because I knew I have 2 of them, one a 1.5" round and the other a heart. I looked with my other baking supplies and I found my chocolate candy molds but not my hard candy molds. I was really upset because I want to make lollipops and I really didn't want to have to order them when I already knew I have some here. I gave up once I couldn't find them after searching everywhere my mind could think they could be.

So I started pricing them and with shipping costing more than the mold themselves, I was determined to find my molds. :P A little over a half an hour ago, I go back to look for my molds one last time, lo and behold my persistence paid off because I found my molds but instead of finding two molds I found 3! Two 1.5" rounds and one heart mold. LOL So happy! Tomorrow morning I will be able to make my lollipops before it gets to hot.

Here are some I made last year. They are a mix of circles and hearts in strawberry kiwi flavor. So excited!

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