Thursday, August 1, 2013

Change in My Custom Dollie Plans!

Due to the unfortunate scam from the unscrupulous eBay seller, my custom dollie plans have changed a bit. I had planned on making 2 custom AG dolls which I thought AG Elizabeth was the perfect base BUT I've decided I'll use AG Rebecca instead. I've already said I would LOVE to add her to my collection, plus I've seen what my custom doll would look like, thanks to Photoshop, and I know she will be perfect!! :)

Now the other custom is going to be an American Boy Doll! :D I felt it was time to introduce a little bit of chaos to our group of girls and add a BOY to the mix. :) I've seen some really awesome custom American Boy Dolls that I've decided one of my girls needs a brother. :) I've been taking notes on the custom boys on AGPT and hope to create a little brother for Renee. I already have the base doll picked out and I'm currently working on choosing the right wig and wardrobe for him. His name has already been picked! :)

So excited to get these custom dolls started BUT patience will be a virtue and I'll be at the mercy of available funds. :P

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