Friday, September 20, 2013

All About Aoki

You what they say about always wanting to play with the new shiny toy? Well I guess it's true because all I want to do is play with Aoki. She is so photogenic and she looks great in whatever I put her in. Plus her unique hair color, her style being revealed to me and her character starting to take shape. All of it just makes want to play with her even more! Now instead of shopping for Kiele, I'm shopping for Aoki. 

I thought I knew what Kiele's style/character was going to be but I'm not liking my first take, so she's back to the drawing board of sorts. She will appear in photos with Aoki since they are best friends but I need to work on her some more. 

As for Aoki, she's my princess tomboy. 8D She likes to be fashionable but doesn't mind going out playing with the boys and getting dirty. She'll wear pink but will put on black in a minute. Aoki is an all-around fun girl. 

While the other girls will get their respective time in front of the camera, Aoki is my go-to gal. So to make sure my blog isn't solely Aoki, she has started her own blog... ☀ All About Aoki ☀. It's still very new. I mean new as in there is only one post there. She'll post photos and other tidbits there so you can keep up with her adventures.

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