Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Meet My AGs (YT Video)

Just made this video of all my American Girl Dolls. It's nothing fancy. I do plan on doing more slideshow videos of my girls. Like I'll be uploading the ADAD photos for each girl into their own videos. For this video I used YouTube's software but it's kind of limiting, so I'm going to see what other software I can use to make my slideshows mine. :)

Here are my current American Girl Dolls:
Alanna (MyAG #26)
Alyssa (PC Josefina)
Aoki (Not sure... either MyAG #30 or GOTY Jess)
Kiele (Custom Cecile Rey)
Maya (MyAG #31)
Renee (PC Felicity - rewigged)
Willow (PC AGOT #4)


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