Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Trip to American Girl Place - Los Angeles

Last weekend my 2 daughters and I visited AGP-LA. We were really excited. We oohed and aahed the whole time we were in the store.

This happened today!

My 6yo kept taking the little papers with all the dolls she wants to get, she even found some she didn't even know she wanted. LOL Her dad thought he was going to be lucky and only need to purchase her 4 (not at one time of course) but thanks to our trip, it's now doubled to 8. LOL Her face was priceless and I'm glad she got to experience the store. She's already to go back. XD

More from our trip to AGP-LA

My 13yo daughter kept talking about how she thought Saige is soo beautiful from all the photos she's seen on instagram, in the AG catalog, etc and it was confirmed that she wants Saige. Once she saw her in person it was a rap, all she keeps talking about is getting Saige.

Our trip to AGP-LA...

The whole trip was soo much fun and while there were quite a number of people, it wasn't as crowded as I was expecting. Maybe it's because we arrived shortly after it opened even though it was still a Saturday. I'm glad my girls were able to experience going into the AGP-LA... okay I was happy I got to go too. :-)

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