Friday, November 22, 2013

2014 Doll Wishlist

Can you believe November is almost over and the end of the year is quickly approaching? It has been my best year in collecting American Girl Dolls. I was able to bring Nevaeh (Kanani), my grail girl home and found a couple of stunning surprise girls I didn't even consider... Aoki (#30), Kiele (Custom C├ęcile) and Gisele (Marie-Grace). So my collection went from 4 dolls up to 11 dolls this year. Oh there is one more girl I want to add before 2014, so she's technically not on the 2014 Doll Wishlist but she still deserves a mention because I'm going to ask my hubby for her for my Christmas/Wedding Anniversary present. ;-)

Yep My AG #58! I think she is utterly adorable and her natural curly hair is too cute! I can't wait to style her tresses and photograph her.

Now in 2014, I don't plan on adding quite as many new girls next year or in years to come but I can't make any promises. LOL HOWEVER, I do plan on getting at least these 4 girls next year.

Marisol, #49, Ruthie and Rebecca

Marisol Luna was Girl Of The Year 2005 and has been retired for 8 years BUT like Kanani I know I'll be able to find my Marisol. She is such a beautiful girl and I love that she is a dancer since I danced until I was 16.

My AG #49 has an amazing combination of her hair, eyes and skintone! Her uniqueness is soo beautiful! I think she'd be amazing to take to the beach and photograph.

Ruthie peaked my interest after watching "Kit Kittredge: An American Girl" movie. I just knew my Kit needed her best friend to keep her company on her time travelling adventures. (More on that in a few. ;-)) I think she'd make a beautiful modern.

Rebecca! Need I say more?! LOL She is just all around gorgeous and she has been on my "must have" list forever. I already know she'll be modern all the time. XP

Now I do currently have two sleeper girls on my radar whom I'm thinking about adding but still on the fence about them. Problem is I'm not sure if I want them or not. I mean of course I want them. LOL There is the whole issue with one retiring at the end of the year and the other is already retired. No I'm not talking about Saige but Emily! Oh and Elizabeth too. 8D

Isn't Emily beautiful?! I think she'd make an amazing modern girl but I feel she'll probably be a time traveller like Kit & Ruthie because I love the fashions of the 30s, 40s and 50s. :-) I don't think I'll get her before she retires but there's always the secondhand market. 8D

Elizabeth is beautiful and I already know she'll be modern, just need to chop off those pincurls. LOL  She has such a gorgeous face.

From the above wishlist and my current girls, it looks like I have a clear preference for the Classic and Josefina face molds. If I were to get all 7 of the above girls, I'd have 6 Classic, 4 Josefina, 3 Addy, 2 Jess, 1 of each Sonali, Marie-Grace and #4 face molds. Who knew? XP

So that's my doll wishlist for 2014. 8D Who's on your wishlist?