Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Collecting for One Doll?

Last week, hubby and I got into a discussion about what doll collecting means because I told him I'm not interested in getting GOTY 2014. He told me I need to collect all the dolls and I responded I don't want all the dolls just specific ones. But the discussion made me think about actually focusing on collecting items for one of my dolls, Ember (fka Kit), because I thought she has the most adorable collection. I even started looking on eBay for her pieces but that all changed when my dream girl became available. XD

Now I'm actually going to try and acquire all of my dream girl's collection... well most her collection anyways. There are some pieces I have no room to store. I'll focus on her clothing and accessories. That in itself should prove to be a great adventure. 8D I'll post on AGPT for her items amd look on eBay. I know there are great deals to be found because me acquiring her for such an exceptional deal is proof they are out there.

Is it Thursday yet? LOL Where's the fast forward button? I'm super duper excited! Eeeeeee!

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