Saturday, December 14, 2013

AG Girl of the Years

With Saige's reign of GOTY 2013 quickly coming to end and I may have missed adding her to my collection... I could always look for her on the secondary market. (^_*) Plus the addition of Hope (fka Marisol Luna), I started thinking about what direction I want my collection to go. I really would like to add more GOTYs to my collection and rehome some of the other girls... I'm thinking the Historicals like Felicity and Josefina but not Kit because she's one my faves along with Gisele (Marie-Grace) and Kiele (Cécile). I'll add GOTYs who I think are beautiful vs their AG stories because once they're here, I give them a new story.

I think part of my focus for 2014 will be to add a couple GOTYs, namely Chrissa, Jess and Saige. Since I'm convinced Aoki is MyAG #30 and not Jess, I will have to add Jess in place of MyAG #30 and she'll become Aoki. Chrissa is such a beautiful doll and I think she'll compliment my collection nicely seeing as I don't have any light skin Josefina mold dolls. I really like her combination of skintone, eyes and hair. Plus Saige is such a beautiful unique classic mold doll and I also don't have any redheads in my collection.

Good thing I have all of 2014 to decide if I want to add the new GOTY. For more info on her (because I don't want to post any spoilers here on my blog), be sure to check out Dolly Dorm Diaries, they have an amazing blog with stunning photography and they did a great spread on GOTY 2014. I know for a fact I'll get her mini doll like I did for Saige. I'm actually thinking about getting a couple minis as giveaway prizes for here, Instagram,  Facebook and/or YouTube, so be sure to follow, like and/or subscribe. (^_^)

Will you be getting GOTY 2014 or do you have any previous AG GOTYs?

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