Saturday, December 28, 2013

Looking Forward to 2014

With 2013 coming to an end, I'm looking forward to having new adventures with my girls in 2014. Instead of doing the ADAD project, I'm going to work on posting more videos on my YouTube Channel. I really want to learn how to do stop-motion videos but I've never done an AGSM before so I know it'll take some time to get it all worked out but I'm confident I can do it. :) I'll definitely post my photo shoots on there plus AG hauls, reviews, tutorials, contests/giveaways... you know all the AG goodness we come to love on AGTube.

As for my AG Doll buys for 2014, they have changed quite a bit from an earlier wishlist post. I've already bought GOTY 2005 Marisol Luna plus received Ruthie Smithens and #49 from my hubby as Christmas/Anniversary presents. So the only dolls I really want to add to my collection next year are retired GOTYs Jess McConnell (2006), Chrissa Maxwell (2009), Saige Copeland (2013) and new GOTY Isabelle Palmer (2014). Hopefully I can find the retired GOTYs at a reasonable prices in EUC, hey I wouldn't mind NIB. (^_^) I'm also going to be finding new homes for a few more girls I feel need more love and attention as I add these new girls and hone my collection.

*** Shameful confession time *** I really had know idea how beautiful Saige truly is until I saw the Saige my daughter received for Christmas. I had her stored away from the moment we bought for 2 months but really didn't get a good look at her until my daughter opened her up and took her out the box on Christmas morning. Saige is stunning! Her eye, hair and skintone combination is gorgeous. I actually got to photograph her and she is a dream to shoot and now I regret not getting a Saige of my own.

My main buying focus for 2014 will be on accessories, food sets and furniture pieces. I plan on creating my girls world. Like I'm looking at building my own beds with the free plans I found on There are 3 styles of beds I'm really interested in making... the simple Kid's Kit Bed, Doll Trundle Bed and Bunk Bed  with Trundle bed which will give me six beds for my girls to sleep in. I also want to get the retired Curlique Trundle Bed and Kit's bed for Kit and Ruthie to share. I would still need a few more beds but it's a start. LOL

Lastly, I really will concentrate on my etsy shop. I've decided on a collection based approach consisting of limited edition coordinating separates and dresses plus accessories like headbands, crochet hats, etc. There were be no more than 3 pieces per style of clothing/fabric. For example, the Ani skirts I made for Aoki and Hope for Christmas were black and teal but I would make 3 of each color, if I were to use that fabric. I plan to post a new collection once a month with a few stand alone pieces every couple of weeks. I'm really excited about the possibilities. Look for those sneak peeks and updates to start showing up soon.

Good 2013 you were good to my doll family and hello 2014!