Monday, December 9, 2013

My AG Cyber Monday Haul!

Last week was amazing for me. I took part in the American Girl Cyber Monday sale and purchased some awesome goodies. It was my first of many more to come. (^_^) 

First things first... my Cyber Monday orders arrived on Friday only 4 days after placing my order. Yes I placed 2 orders. LOL I placed a second order shortly after the first one because I forgot to add Saige's DVD. Come on, I couldn't pass it up for $5 with free shipping... okay it was $5.38 because I had to pay tax. XP Funny thing is my second order (placed at 1:09am CST) with just the Saige DVD shipped before my initial order placed at 12:05am CST. But both orders arrived the same day, one throught FedEx SmartPost and the regular USPS 1st class mail. **My USPS 1st class package had no tracking though.**

However, my Cyber Monday orders arrived a lot quicker than my Jill's Steals and Deals order which took almost a week before it even shipped out but not complaining because I'm super grateful I was able to get my sweet Gisele for such an amazing bargain. I'm really happy with what I purchased and the speed in which they arrived considering the nature of the sale where most of the items were 50% off and I'm sure they had a lot of orders. 

Here's a quick shot of Nevaeh enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in her new jammies. (^_^)

So cute!