Friday, December 27, 2013

New Home for Felicity

Yes, Felicity (fka Renee) has found her forever home with a young lady who I know will love her to pieces. :-)

Felicity went to the little girl (we'll call her, Alexa) I take to school every morning. Alexa had been admiring my collection and on numerous occasions mentioned she'd like an AG of her own. I started thinking since I was changing the focus of my own collection why not give Renee to her instead of selling her. I thought it was brilliant idea and once I got the okay from Alexa's mom, I went to work on getting her ready.

First I repositioned and reconditioned her wig. I think she looks a lot cuter with a center part instead of the side part. Next I cleaned her up by removing any and all shines she had from being handled. Finally made her a new outfit in the Alexa's favorite colors. Now all that was left was how to actually give Alexa the doll. I didn't have any spare AG doll boxes and my DD13 told me to look for a very large Christmas stocking to put her in.  

As luck would have it, she actually came over to borrow 2 eggs and before she left I handed her Felicity. She was super surprised and I think she loved her... well you can be the judge for yourself. :-)