Saturday, November 30, 2013

ADAD 334/365

Aoki is such a beautiful doll. I highly recommend her.

(American Girl Doll #30)

Friday, November 29, 2013

ADAD 333/365


Sometimes you just need to enjoy time outside. 

(American Girl Doll Marie-Grace)

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ADAD 330/365

ADAD 329/365 by Among the Dolls
I ♥ black & white photography! I'm thinking about doing a whole series of black & white photographs.

Speaking of series, okay not really series but photography. The above photo was taken in my first efforts at real indoor photography. I will be posting more photos from this shoot for the rest of the week for my ADAD Project. I really had to work hard with lighting to capture the look I was going for but I think my photos show what I wanted.

(American Girl Doll Marie-Grace)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hand Crochet Beanies for 18" American Girl Dolls

Also known as, how I spent my Sunday afternoon. These cute little beanies were hand crocheted by myself and are currently available in my shop. They are only $7.50 shipped, perfect stocking stuffer or "just because" gift. I still have 5 more colors to finish plus a few skirts to add to my shop! 

ADAD 329/365

ADAD 328/365 by Among the Dolls
Gisele showing off her new hairstyle. She and I like her hair this way A LOT better than with those hideous pincurls.

(American Girl Doll Marie-Grace)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

ADAD 328/365

ADAD 327/365 by Among the Dolls
Would anyone like a brownie? (^_^)

(American Girl Doll Marie-Grace)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shop Changes/Updates for 2014

Yes, I still have my lovely little etsy shop... mind you there are only like 3 items in it currently but that is all going to change. :-) With my ADAD photo challenge ending next month, I'll have more time to focus on my etsy shop and actually stock it. LOL I know I'll be listing modern clothing but I will also be listing vintage inspired dress designs like the one Gisele wore in An Afternoon with Gisele.

I really had a lot of fun creating the pattern for the collarless and collared version of that dress. I can't wait to make it sleeveless for the Spring/Summer months. I'll offer these dresses will not only in Repro 30s, 40s, 50s fabrics but also in modern fabrics as well. I'm really excited about adding these dresses to the shop. \(^_^)/ Be on the lookout for sneak peeks of the dresses here or on my instagram.

ADAD 327/365

ADAD 326/365 by Among the Dolls
Nevaeh gets to go outside.

(American Girl Doll GOTY Kanani)

Friday, November 22, 2013

2014 Doll Wishlist

Can you believe November is almost over and the end of the year is quickly approaching? It has been my best year in collecting American Girl Dolls. I was able to bring Nevaeh (Kanani), my grail girl home and found a couple of stunning surprise girls I didn't even consider... Aoki (#30), Kiele (Custom C├ęcile) and Gisele (Marie-Grace). So my collection went from 4 dolls up to 11 dolls this year. Oh there is one more girl I want to add before 2014, so she's technically not on the 2014 Doll Wishlist but she still deserves a mention because I'm going to ask my hubby for her for my Christmas/Wedding Anniversary present. ;-)

Yep My AG #58! I think she is utterly adorable and her natural curly hair is too cute! I can't wait to style her tresses and photograph her.

Now in 2014, I don't plan on adding quite as many new girls next year or in years to come but I can't make any promises. LOL HOWEVER, I do plan on getting at least these 4 girls next year.

Marisol, #49, Ruthie and Rebecca

Marisol Luna was Girl Of The Year 2005 and has been retired for 8 years BUT like Kanani I know I'll be able to find my Marisol. She is such a beautiful girl and I love that she is a dancer since I danced until I was 16.

My AG #49 has an amazing combination of her hair, eyes and skintone! Her uniqueness is soo beautiful! I think she'd be amazing to take to the beach and photograph.

Ruthie peaked my interest after watching "Kit Kittredge: An American Girl" movie. I just knew my Kit needed her best friend to keep her company on her time travelling adventures. (More on that in a few. ;-)) I think she'd make a beautiful modern.

Rebecca! Need I say more?! LOL She is just all around gorgeous and she has been on my "must have" list forever. I already know she'll be modern all the time. XP

Now I do currently have two sleeper girls on my radar whom I'm thinking about adding but still on the fence about them. Problem is I'm not sure if I want them or not. I mean of course I want them. LOL There is the whole issue with one retiring at the end of the year and the other is already retired. No I'm not talking about Saige but Emily! Oh and Elizabeth too. 8D

Isn't Emily beautiful?! I think she'd make an amazing modern girl but I feel she'll probably be a time traveller like Kit & Ruthie because I love the fashions of the 30s, 40s and 50s. :-) I don't think I'll get her before she retires but there's always the secondhand market. 8D

Elizabeth is beautiful and I already know she'll be modern, just need to chop off those pincurls. LOL  She has such a gorgeous face.

From the above wishlist and my current girls, it looks like I have a clear preference for the Classic and Josefina face molds. If I were to get all 7 of the above girls, I'd have 6 Classic, 4 Josefina, 3 Addy, 2 Jess, 1 of each Sonali, Marie-Grace and #4 face molds. Who knew? XP

So that's my doll wishlist for 2014. 8D Who's on your wishlist?

ADAD 326/365

ADAD 325/365 by Among the Dolls
Nevaeh explores.

(American Girl Doll GOTY Kanani)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

ADAD 325/365

ADAD 324/365 by Among the Dolls
It's raining out today and Aoki is looking forward to when it stops so she can go outside and play. :-)

(American Girl Doll #30)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

ADAD 324/365

ADAD 323/365 by Among the Dolls
I just can't get enough of my beautiful Nevaeh. 8D

(American Girl Doll GOTY Kanani)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Fall Stroll (YT Video)

I'm still trying to learn how to use make videos for my YouTube channel but I think this new one is a little better than my last. I hope to improve with each video I post. (^_^)

My sweet Nevaeh was the subject for this video. Isn't she beautiful?!

ADAD 323/365

ADAD 322/365 by Among the Dolls
An extra photo from Nevaeh's pine cone stroll.

(American Girl Doll GOTY Kanani)

Monday, November 18, 2013

ADAD 322/365

ADAD 321/365 by Among the Dolls
Ready for her close-up.

(American Girl Doll GOTY Kanani)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

ADAD 321/365

ADAD 320/365 by Among the Dolls
Oh, look what Nevaeh found?
A pine cone. 8D

(American Girl Doll GOTY Kanani)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

ADAD 320/365

ADAD 319/365 by Among the Dolls
I think Nevaeh sees something in the distance. I wonder what it could be.
(American Girl Doll GOTY Kanani)

**PSA: I recently had the unfortunate experience of someone stealing my photos and not giving me credit and claiming them as their own, even though my photos have a watermark. So in my attempt to curb theft, I am making my watermark more visible which I hope doesn't distract from my photos too much. **

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ADAD 317/365

ADAD 316/365 by Among the Dolls
A lovely day for a walk.

(American Girl Doll GOTY Kanani)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

ADAD 316/365

ADAD 315/365 by Among the Dolls
Beautiful Nevaeh

(American Girl Doll GOTY Kanani)

Lesson Learned :: Selling on eBay

So I don't sell on eBay often because I don't want to deal with the craziness of buyers. Not to mention I kept hearing about how horrible the fees are there and I didn't realized how bad they really are until I recently sold a doll there. Check out the breakdown of selling on eBay.
Doll sold for     - $45
PayPal fee       - $1.61(Not bad at all.)
eBay fee           - $5.20 (Yikes that is high!)
Total received - $38.19
Yes I know eBay doesn't take it out immediately but they will take it and it's still a lot of money. I didn't add the cost of shipping the doll since the buyer pays that. I think I'll stick to selling on the secondary marketplace on the doll boards from now on. :-)
Lesson learned.... Use eBay as a last resort for selling.

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ADAD 313/365

ADAD 312/365 by Among the Dolls
My dream come true! I finally got Kanani and I'm over the moon.

(American Girl Doll Kanani)

Friday, November 8, 2013

My Dream AG is Here!!

Who says dreams can't come true? Not Me! Here she is...

Can you guess which doll she is? I'm beyond excited right now. I'm already planning out her Christmas and everything. LOL I seriously need to go shopping for her... I mean she needs new clothes, shoes, electronics... right? Good thing I just got a $50 AG store gift card. That should be able to get her an outfit or something. (^_^)

ADAD 312/365

ADAD 311/365 by Among the Dolls
Classic Beauty

(American Girl Doll Marie-Grace)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

ADAD 311/365

ADAD 310/365 by Among the Dolls
Sweet Dreams

(American Girl Doll Marie-Grace)

*** Sidenote *** My dream AG is out for delivery and should arrive today! Yay!!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Collecting for One Doll?

Last week, hubby and I got into a discussion about what doll collecting means because I told him I'm not interested in getting GOTY 2014. He told me I need to collect all the dolls and I responded I don't want all the dolls just specific ones. But the discussion made me think about actually focusing on collecting items for one of my dolls, Ember (fka Kit), because I thought she has the most adorable collection. I even started looking on eBay for her pieces but that all changed when my dream girl became available. XD

Now I'm actually going to try and acquire all of my dream girl's collection... well most her collection anyways. There are some pieces I have no room to store. I'll focus on her clothing and accessories. That in itself should prove to be a great adventure. 8D I'll post on AGPT for her items amd look on eBay. I know there are great deals to be found because me acquiring her for such an exceptional deal is proof they are out there.

Is it Thursday yet? LOL Where's the fast forward button? I'm super duper excited! Eeeeeee!

ADAD 310/365

ADAD 309/365 by Among the Dolls
♥ Gisele ♥

(American Girl Doll Marie-Grace)
P.S. Soooooo excited because according to the tracking number, my Dream American Girl Doll arrives tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Collection is Complete!

I'm really, really super excited because my dream AG will be coming home hopefully by the end of the week! Come on, I know I can't be the only one hoping to get that extra special dream AG. You know the one you hope one day you can call your own and when you see her in other owner photos/videos are completely envious and wish she was yours. No? You've never felt that way? Guess it's just me then. LOL

Story time...

I had an opportunity to get my dream AG for an exceptionally reasonable price with her complete meet (meet dress, shoes, etc.) only things missing were her book and box but an unexpected emergency prevented me from purchasing her. So when I had the money again, I figured she had already been sold since the price was amazing and went to purchase Rebecca. I've already stated numerous times how she is on my "must have" list. But here's the kicker, with money in hand, I couldn't do it. I couldn't bring myself to buy her because I was holding on to hope I could find my dream AG on eBay for a somewhat reasonable price because while I do want Rebecca.... I really want my dream AG a lot more.

I couldn't get my dream AG out of my mind and had to see if I could find her for close to the same price as the one I had to pass on. The stars must have been aligned right because she was still available from the same seller I had to originally pass on. That's when I knew that dream AG was meant to be mine. \(^_^)/ I can't wait for her to arrive. I'm seriously fangirling right now. LOL I'm sure I'll add Rebecca and possibly  #49 to my family someday but for now I'm completely content with my current group of girls and am in no hurry to add anyone new, anytime soon. :-)

So I'm officially on a No New Doll Buy, AG or otherwise, until further notice. Just going to love the girls who are already here even though things will change a bit once dream AG arrives. XD

ADAD 309/365

ADAD 308/365 by Among the Dolls
My sleeping beauty, Gisele

(American Girl Doll Marie-Grace)

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ADAD 307/365

ADAD 306/365 by Among the Dolls
An afternoon with Gisele.

(American Girl Doll Marie-Grace)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

ADAD 306/365

ADAD 305/365 by Among the Dolls
Appreciation of a beautiful Fall afternoon.

(American Girl Doll Kit Kittredge)

Friday, November 1, 2013

An Afternoon with Gisele (YT Video) + Creating a Collection!

I'm really trying to learn how to use YouTube. This is a whole new arena for me and I want to do it properly. LOL So the other day I did a photo shoot with Gisele with the intent of using some of the photos for my A Doll A Day Project as well as for a AGPS for My YouTube channel.

Yes, I know there are only 2 videos on there but I'm working on adding more. Let me just say it's not as easy as I thought it would be. Well I really didn't know what to expect BUT now with my first one under my belt, I can get better and improve with each new video. 8D I'm challenging myself to make one new YouTube video a week. Once I get the hang of it all, maybe I'll add more but for now... one a week will do. 8D

Also over the last couple of days, I've been designing a collection of dresses for my AGs and I'm really proud of how they came out. One style features a collar and puff sleeves. Let me just say, gathered, puff sleeves take a little getting used too.  The other style features no collar at all, it's the one Gisele is wearing in "An Afternoon with Gisele" video. I haven't created the sleeveless dresses yet because we are getting ready to enter Winter and the sleeveless versions can wait until the warm weather of Spring/Summer. But I already know they'll be super cute! 8D With the hard part figured out (pattern drafting and samples made), now it's time for the fun part... fabric shopping!

ADAD 305/365

ADAD 304/365 by Among the Dolls
Deep in thought.

(American Girl Doll Kit Kittredge)