Friday, January 3, 2014

♥ Dylan ♥ plus Old Craft Revisited

♥ Dylan ♥ by Among the Dolls
American Girl Doll Ruthie Smithens
Isn't she a cutie pie? I really like Ruthie as a modern doll instead of historical. I guess I'm not really a historical collector and believe me I've tried a few times but they almost always become modern. There is still one historical girl I would like to add to my collection... yep, Rebecca Rubin! But you already know once she arrives she will instantly be transported to 2014 instead of staying in 1914. I already have her name chosen as her name and personality. All I need now is the doll. LOL

On a creative note! I KNIT some fingerless mitts! Okay one hand is done but I still need to finish the other hand tonight so I can post a photo tomorrow. I'm so excited because I'm normally a crocheter but wanted to try something different this year plus after seeing GOTY Isabelle's fingerless gloves and knowing I wasn't going to be purchasing her accessories since everything has her name on it, really motivated me to give knitting a try again. So I talked to my mom about it because she's the knitter. She was able to help me and now I'm addicted! :) I can't believe I was intimidated by knitting all these years. I mean I've been able to make simple things like scarves and such but today I broke out the double point needles. Once I got the hang of it, I was off and running. I have just opened up a new door for my creativity.

Today was wonderful! How was your day? Did you discover anything new or try a new skill?

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