Thursday, January 16, 2014


American Girl of the Year 2013 - Saige Copeland
Kennedy is settling right in with the rest of my girls. She definitely brings more uniqueness to my group of girls and I'm so glad I was able to add her to my family. (^_^)

Looking at my group of girls, I need to add one more and my collection will be complete. I've already talked about switching Aoki from MyAG #30 to GoTY Jess which I plan to do but I feel like someone is missing from my group of girls. So what does that mean? It means GoTY 2014 Isabelle Palmer will be coming to live here as well. I would really love to go to AGPLA and pick her out myself but if I have too I'll order her online. Once she and Jess arrive I'll be completely content with my collection. Until then I'm going to enjoy the ones who are already here because they are amazing and I love them all soo much!

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