Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Perfect Kennedy

American Girl of the Year 2013 Saige Copeland
I couldn't wait for the crazy winds to go away so I braved them and got a few photos of Kennedy. I really can't wait to take her out. I"m soo happy to have her here in my own collection. Yes there are now Saige's but she is mine. :) 

In other news, I plan to re-wig Kiele because I want her to have black hair to bring out her eyes. I believe that's the main reason why I haven't photographed her in quite sometime. I've tried but I just wasn't liking the results at all. So I know it's time for a change for her. Plus I was still undecided on if I should change her wig or not. I've decided it's time to change her wig. (^_^) Also, I do plan to replace #30 with GoTY Jess because my oldest daughter wants #30 and I want Jess, so it's a win win situation. :-) So Aoki will be GoTY Jess after all. Lastly, I think it's time to update my banner. It's a little outdated. LOL

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