Saturday, January 18, 2014

True Friendship is Priceless

American Girl Doll MyAG #49 and GoTY 2013 Saige Copeland
Kennedy and Ocean are becoming quick friends. These two beauties are truly unique and I'm happy they are part of my doll family. 

These girls are very special to me. All my girls are special of course but these 2 are extra special. Ocean because she was a unexpected surprise present from my hubby and Kennedy because she also was an unexpected surprise but to myself. LOL Okay let me explain, I had seen Saige all last year and wasn't really thinking about adding her to my collection. I'd seen photos of her and thought she was cute but it really didn't sink in how gorgeous she really was until I took my own photos of her. I was struck by lightening and became totally smitten with her when my daughter allowed me to take my own photo of her with Ocean. I knew right then and there she had to come and join my own doll family. I'm so happy, it's beyond measure!

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