Monday, February 3, 2014

A Girl & Her Board

American Girl of the Year 2005 - Marisol Luna
This week looks to be filled with some happy mail days. I have some pink ballet slippers, black leotard, Isabelle's Coral Sweater and sneakers from Coconut Play Outfit due to arrive. Come on, who doesn't like dollie mail?

Yes, I'm slowly building up my ballet wardrobe for the girls. I still need to get more stuff of course like more ballet slippers, leos and especially tights. I'm holding off purchasing anything more until I make the trip to AGPLA at the end of the month to pick some of the pieces from Isabelle's Mix & Match Collection. Remember, ballet slippers aren't included in any of her collection with the exception of the Dance Case, Dance Barre and Performance Set. I also plan on picking up the MyAG Ballet Outfit to help flesh out my ballet wardrobe for the girls because it comes with a leo, tutu, tights, legwarmers and slippers for only $30! That's a really good price. And if you're wondering if Miss Isabelle will be coming home as well... I'm about 70% sure she'll be coming too. LOL I still have a couple of girls on my list I would like to add and she's one of them.. (^_^)

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