Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My Nature Sprite

American Girl of the Year 2013- Saige Copeland
I couldn't resist taking this photo with all the greenery. It's so Spring like here and Kennedy looks like she's relaxing from her long photo shoot. 

I guess you can tell from my photos that I enjoy taking them outside in nature. I get a lot of enjoyment being outside with my camera and girls. Yes I get the occasional stares but they don't bother me any longer. Some people like to golf or play tennis or whatever else makes them happy. I like to photograph my dolls because that makes me happy. (^_^)

What do you like to do? 


  1. I like the internet, my laptop, my dolls, and my dad's camera ;) Trees and the lake are very popular backdrops here, as they take up 90% of my acre property. Problem is, you can't get just one tree in the picture! Oh Kennedy, the beauty of her and her outfit is, like, overpowering!

    1. Oh yes, the internet can become all consuming. XP Thanks for the compliments on Kennedy and her outfit. (^_^)