Sunday, February 16, 2014

See You Soon

American Girl of the Year 2006 - Jess McConnell
It's true, I admitted Kalea and Hope at the doll hospital at AGPLA yesterday.  It was so hard to do since Kalea just arrived but I felt she needed a new head and it was a perfect time since I needed to send both girls. I'm kinda of scared because I've never used the AG doll hospital before. This will be the longest 2-3 weeks waiting for them to arrive. 

On a sidenote, I was tempted to pick Isabelle up but I resisted. She would've had to sit in the car until we were done at Universal Studios Hollywood and I wasn't sure how that would affect her, so she had to stay. She really is pretty but after seeing her in person, I'm not so sure if I want to add her to my collection after all. I'm like 70% sure I do but is it because she's the new shiny or is because I really like the doll. I'm sort of glad it was a quick stop kind of AG store visit because I was able to drop my 2 girls off for the hospital and I was able to see Isabelle in person. Good thing I have some time to think about it. 

What are your thoughts on Isabelle?


  1. While I think Izzy is OK in her own right, she won't be joining the Guy's and Gal's anytime soon. I seriously think that something about blonde dolls just turns be off, although it might just be my past experience with selling them because I didn't connect. I've sold Mckenna, Julie, and #22 (who was my first doll). I'll miss you, Kaela and Hope! I hope your hospital stay goes well :) How was AGPLA? I'm in Seattle and our store is sooo small, smaller than most stores.

    1. I think what's holding me back from getting Izzy is her blonde hair. I've had Kit twice and sold her both times. ^^; I will admit I did get them both in very TLC condition. Since she would be direct from AG, if there are any problems I could always take her back and get a replacement doll.

      As for AGPLA, it was BUSY! There were soo many people inside the store. Even though it's a rather large store, it still felt crowded. LOL I'm suppose to go back this coming weekend to pick up Isabelle but like I already said I'm kind of on the fence about her. Oh decisions, decisions...

    2. Hey, you still got what, 8 months to decide? You don't have to get her, or any doll for that matter.Just think, do you really like her or are you just wanting a new dol? I know the feeling of the latter much more than I know the former ;)