Thursday, March 27, 2014

Beautiful Ocean

American Girl Doll #49
Ocean looking smashing in this dress and hair clip. I think the colors suit her very well. I like putting jewel tones on Ocean because it brings out her beautiful blue eyes. She is definitely a jewel to have my collection and I highly, highly recommend her!

What Ocean is wearing:
Dress & Hair Clip from GoTY Kanani Akina Meet Outift


  1. Still stuck between her and #61, or maybe GOTY 2015 or the next HC. Any suggestions?

    1. That's a tough decision. We really don't know if/when #61 will actually be released by AG. GOTY 2015 isn't coming out until next year, that's also when the new HC is supposed to come out. If you are comfortable with your groups of guys and gals, just hold out to see if any of those 3 "speak" to you more than #49. IF they don't then you know she is truly the one for you and you can buy her. If they do, then you won't have to worry about buyers remorse.

      I'm currently going through this myself on whether to get Rebecca or not? I've wanted Rebecca for at least 2 years and I'm still trying to decide if I want to get her. Any suggestions?! Ack! Decisions.. decisions... LOL