Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Doll Wishlist 2014 Almost Complete!

Actually, it's not just 2014 but for the foreseeable future. LOL There are only 2 more dolls I plan to add to my doll family.

Rebecca Rubin                                            MyAG #58

I already said Rebecca was on the top of my "must have" list. LOL So, of course she is one of the two and  #58 has been a "must have" since last year! I plan to get both of these beauties next month from AGPLA where I can handpick them out and then my doll family will finally be complete! (^_^)

Now as you can see, I've made a final decision about Isabelle. While she's a pretty doll, she will NOT come to live here. I can see it was the hype of wanting the "new shiny" making me think I want her. (My oldest daughter said I wouldn't get her because I don't find her to be my cup of tea. LOL) Remember when I talked about visiting AGPLA a little over 2 weeks ago, when I went to drop off Hope and Kalea to be sent to the Doll Hospital? (According to FedEx tracking, they should be home TOMORROW... So happy!) I was able to see Isabelle for myself in person and she didn't grab me. I could've purchased her right then but I wasn't compelled to bring her home. ^^; While I may not want the doll, I do want to get more pieces from Isabelle's collection for my other girls though. (^_^)

I'm glad I've come to my senses before I experience the dreaded buyers remorse which I've already had my share. You almost got me AG... almost! I'm safe for this year... anyways. ;-)

Who's on your wish list for 2014?


  1. Love #58! Gah, so much of what I may buy depends on the annoying BeForever and what it brings. Also, GOTY 2015 and the next HC. I really like both #61 and #49, but the other two I mentioned are most certainly the X factor in my choice. Still waiting on the wig for my custom Sam to appear (I swear it must have been shipped from Mars, it's taking so long!), so I suppose how her personality ends up may also be a factor for my next Gal. Sigh, AG has screwed up my plan so much this time.

    1. Yes, BeForever had me worried as much as everyone else and that's why I had to get Ivy sooner than later. With all the swirling rumors about possible archival, I didn't want to take the chance and miss out on her. Look at Ivy's Rainbow Romper, it's no longer sold in stores and it appears it is now sold out online as well. The only thing left for her is the actual doll and her New Years Outfit. Good thing I was able to get in on the free shipping last week, so she will have her Rainbow Romper. I'm SUPER glad I did get her and the Rainbow Romper now. (^_^)

      I'm not really a HC collector in a sense of keeping them canon since all my girls are modern. I'll cross GOTY 2015 when the time comes. I'm really looking forward to seeing these "exciting changes" in store for AG though.