Saturday, March 22, 2014

Girl Talk!

Lt to Rt: GoTY Kanani (2011), GoTY Jess (2006) & Ivy Ling
Nevaeh and Maisie seem to be boring Kalea. I wonder what she is thinking about. Maybe going on a nature walk to pick dandelions or dancing again. I don't know but they look like they are deep in conversation. 

Now if I could just learn how to do stop motions or even good photo stories, I could use these photos I take. LOL 

Any pointers, tips, advice and/or suggestions on photo stories and/or stop motions?

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  1. Hello Mrs. My, ('My' is your name, correct?)

    I've been visiting your blog ever since you generously nominated me for that Liebster Award quite a few months ago on my blog, ( but only recently figured out how to comment on here using my G+! I must say your blog is wonderful and I love your photography! The best camera I use is an iPad mini (Ha!), which was nice focus but NOTHING near an actual camera!

    I make photostories and stopmotions on my blog all the time, and you asked for tips, so...Tips, I got 'em!

    Stopmotions are VERY. VERY. VERY time consuming if you want to make some good ones. I spent an hour and a half on a clip that was only 45 seconds long (it was very smooth and clear, though.) How many pictures did I take for it? Use the math:

    My pictures go at a rate of 15 frames per second, and the clip turned out to be 45 seconds. That's 675 photos! Wow, right?! As a home-schooled, ten-(almost eleven)-year-old girl, I do have time for these time-consuming stopmotions. Depending on how busy your schedule is, (with summer coming up, I'm sure your kids will have a lot of activities they want to do!) stopmotioning may or may not be the thing for you.

    Photostories are something different. Actually fairly easy, there is no minimum or maximum to how many photos you take to make it look great! It's your story, so just take the photos to go with it. I usually take a photo every time I want to show my dolls doing something. For example, if the doll was changing, I could show her

    1. going into a closet, then typing what she is doing in the caption below the picture
    2. coming out in an outfit...
    3. etc. If she's saying something, you could take a picture of her and write below what she is saying, but it's up to you how many picture you take. If a doll is talking to her, you could take a picture each time a doll says something, or take a landscape shot of the dolls and just write the dialogue below the photo.

    I don't really know if that made sense, but those are my few tips! Rock on with the photos, your photography blows me away!