Monday, March 31, 2014

Hope & Kennedy

It's amazing how each one of my dolls has a special place in my heart and I love them all equally. Yes, there have been girls who have come through here but I have finally found my core group of girls. I may have multiples of the same mold but they are all different and bring unique qualities to my collection! There are still a few more girls I want to add to help complete my collection. I'm really hoping what I envision in my head looks good in person. ^^;

American Girl of the Year 2005 - Marisol Luna

Hope has been having a fun time nature watching. I just had to capture her loveliness. Hope is such an amazing doll!

American Girl of the 2013 - Saige Copeland
This photo of Kennedy was taking at the very last bit of light of the day. I absolutely love how beautiful she looks.


  1. I love your blog!! Your pictures are amazing :). I have both Hope and Kennedy (Marisol and Saige), but I renamed Marisol Violet. They're both wonderful dolls.

    Abigail {The Dazzling Dollies ♥}

    P.S. Could you maybe check out my blog? It's called

    1. Thank you for your compliments! I'll be sure to check your blog out. :0)

    2. You're welcome :). Thank you again!

      ~Abigail {The Dazzling Dollies ♥}

  2. Great post. It is quite true that each doll holds a special place in our hearts.