Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Karma's New Roxy Top

American Girl of the Year 2009- Chrissa Maxwell
I wanted to show a full view of Karma's new Roxy t-shirt she got from The Beach Shack on etsy. It's the perfect t-shirt for the Spring/Summer. I think this may be my favorite top for Karma right now. I do plan on going shopping for the girls next month on etsy plus AGPLA. While at AGPLA, I want to pick up a few store exclusives to use in my very first giveaway since most people aren't local to actual stores. I think it would be cool to give store exclusives as a prizes. I already know what I want to pick up... I think. (^_^) Also I think I'll start adding what the girls are wearing in case someone is curious to know.

What Karma is wearing:
Top: Roxy T-shirt by Lostinajungle ~ The Beach Shack ~ Etsy 
Pants: Springfield Leggings
Shoes: 2004 Ready for Fun Outfit Sneakers
Bracelet: Rainbow Loom made by me 
Hair Clips: Dollar Tree 


  1. Love that shirt :) Looks a lot like something you would make (meant to be a complement)! If I may, can I suggest the store exclusive hoodies and pants/jeans? I've only ever gotten the shirts from AG Seattle before, LA looks like such a cool store! Do you think you could get a few pictures while you're there?

    1. Thanks for the compliment and suggestions! I was deciding about what to get and the hoodies and jeans/pants... actually shorts are perfect! Yes, I'll be sure to take some photos! (^_^)

  2. It's very pretty. Perfect for spring.

  3. That's a great top. She looks very nice in that outfit.