Saturday, March 1, 2014

Meet Maisie!

American Girl Doll - Ivy Ling
Maisie arrived on Friday during our rain storm and I took her intro photos indoors but I couldn't bring myself to post them because they were not my best work. ^^; So this morning during a brief period when the rain was just a drizzle, I decided to take her, my umbrella and camera out to take proper photos because I couldn't wait to introduce her to everyone. ^^; No more than 5 minutes after I walked into the house, it went from a drizzle to full on downpour. LOL But at least I got some photos! (^_^)

I'm going to admit right now, AG has terrible stock photos because they don't do Ivy any justice. Ivy is so much more adorable than they make her out to be. Not to mention I'm not a fan of her hideous meet outfit either. XP I found while Maisie may have bangs which I don't normally like on my dolls, I really LOVE this girl a lot and I'm so glad she's a part of the family! (^_^)


  1. Wow she is really cute! hose stock photos really do deter me from her a bit, but when I look at photos like these I fall in love with her! Welcome Maisie! <3

    1. Thank you! Yes I felt the same way about her but I kept seeing photos of her without her meet outfit and she is soo adorable! I'm so glad I got her because she really is a beauty!