Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ocean ஐ

American Girl Doll #49

One of my Instagram friends just received her #49 today. I couldn't help myself, so I did an impromptu photo shoot with Ocean in celebration of her arrival since my Ocean inspired her to add #49 to her doll family. Yay, I inspired someone! (^_^)


  1. You're making me want to get her myself :) She was next on my list, but then #61 and the whole BeForever thing came up, and then I realized that my current mini-me is semi outdated. I can probably wait another year for my next MM, as I'm starting to dye all my hair soon. Ocean is a beautiful name, it fits her perfectly :)

    1. LOL #49 is an amazing doll especially in person when you get to see her up close and personal. I can finally say that my list is almost complete nad there are only 2 more dolls I'd like to add only thing is they will not be the canon or standard versions that everyone else has. They'll be receiving customizations to be the girls I want them to be. LOL

  2. Yes, love her name and she is a gorgeous girlie! Love her photos!!