Thursday, March 6, 2014

So Happy... Yet Confused!!

American Girl of the Year 2009 - Chrissa Maxwell
Karma is soo beautfiul! Her combination of features is stunning. Sorry if I keep saying that but I truly believe it makes her quite unique. 

Hope and Kalea made it home safely yesterday! I'm so happy to have them back and in perfect condition. I think their limbs were tightened during their stay. Kalea's new head is amazing and hair is soo beautiful! You can REALLY see the red/auburn highlights when she stands next to Maisie. I was thinking about taking an updated photo of  all my girls together this weekend but I think I'll wait until next month when I have ALL my girls home. (^_^)

Okay, it's happening again. While I was waiting to pick my kids up from school yesterday, I started to have second thoughts about Rebecca. ^^; She looks amazing in EVERYONE'S photos (for the most part) BUT what if I get her and I don't like her like I thought I would? I would be devastated! Believe me this has happened to me before. I wanted a doll for a long time that when I finally got one of my own, I found while she was beautiful in photos, she didn't blow me away in person. I think in the end when I go to AGPLA, I'll be able to see if any of the Rebeccas there call out to me like Maisie. Like I recently said, I now understand what people are talking about dolls calling out to them because that's what Maisie did to me. Oh I'm soo confused!

Has this happened to you before? How did you deal with it?

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