Friday, May 9, 2014

Sweet Day!

American Girl of the Year 2009 Friend - Sonali Matthews
I was able to snap this photo of Saleen even though it's been extremely windy out lately. I'd take windy over extremely hot any day. LOL

Someone on AGPT mentioned about starting their collection anew with just collecting for one doll because they were leaving home and going off to college. The idea kinda sparked my interest and hit home for me. This year, I basically started my collection anew but with the addition of Saleen, I've been solely focused on her and loving every moment of it. It feels nice to only focus on one of my girls instead of all 9 girls. Yes she is spoilt and will continue to be spoilt rotten. After 2+ years of collecting, I've found my Inky. We all know who Inky is (if you don't, check her out) and how special she is to her person, well that is how Saleen is for me. Like she has multiple dolls with whom she loves but Inky is her go to gal and so is Saleen for me. 

So the changes will be felt all around here but change is good... right? (^_^) My post count here will be down from every day to several times a month, keeping you updated on all the rest of the girls. I already mentioned Saleen has her own blog and it's almost ready for the big reveal. I already have like 5 posts lined up ready to be published so the ideas are overflowing there. Her character has been building itself, well you know what I mean. LOL

Be sure to stay tuned! (^_^)


  1. I can't wait to read her blog! I know how you feel about just loving one girl, Sallie-Mae is that one for me :) I feel a little guilty sometimes, but she just sorta 'speaks' to me more, ya know? As always, beautiful picture <3

    1. Thank you! ^^ I was feeling guilty too but like you said, Saleen "spoke" to me.