Thursday, August 28, 2014

BeForever Is Here!

Eeek! Now we all know I don't collect Historicals, well I guess I should say BeForever dolls and keep them canon. But we have to agree this re-launch of the line is such a great win for those who do, especially for those who have been waiting for Samantha to return. There are many blogs and/or YouTube videos that will cover all of the new BeForever goodies from American Girl. I'm just going to share with you my thoughts on things I like. (^_^)

Samantha Parkington & Book, $115
Samantha is a pretty doll and I like her new meet outfit but she hasn't been a doll I would add to my doll family. I'm happy for those who do like her and will be adding her to theirs. 

Here are a couple of her pieces I like. (^_^)

Samantha's Bed & Bedding, $150

This bed is beautiful and I would like even it more without the curtain thing. LOL
Samantha's Bicycle, $115
I love her bike! I'm almost tempted to get it for Saleen... almost! ^^;
Samantha's Ice Cream Parlor, $300
Now, this ice parlor looks amazing and I would love to get it but I don't have space or money for it. Congrats to those who collect or will collect for Samantha 2.0! She has some really pretty stuff.

Almost all of the girls got much needed updated meet outfits. These are my favorites.
Julie's Meet Outift, $36
I just love the bright colors of this outfit.

Kit's Meet Outfit, $36
Love, love, love the style and colors of Kit's Meet outfit. I would get this and Haven would wear it. ^^

I know I said I'm sharing my favorites of the new meet outfits but there is a doll that has captured my heart and she WILL be added to my doll family.

Addy Walker Doll & Book, $115

Yes, it's Addy! I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY LOVE her new look. Her meet outfit is beautiful and she looks stunning! I think she'll make the perfect big sister for Saleen & Zoƫ.

So there you have it. The only for sure addition to my collection will be BeForever Addy from the new BeForever Line. She will be mine! ^^;

Will you be adding anything new to your collection from the BeForever line? If so, what?

***** Update ****** I was soo caught up with BeForever that I didn't notice the price went up by $5 for MyAGs too. All AGs are $115 with the exception of GOTY being $120. 

Also, if you are getting the BeForever Addy pay attention to her eyebrows because it appears that some stores have been redressing the old Addy into the new meet outfit. The new BeForever Addy should have FEATHERED eyebrows, not line eyebrows. (^_^)