Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Maisie + Zoë

American Girl Doll #58 & Ivy Ling
equal Best Friends Forever. (^_^)

It was brought to my attention some people didn't know Zoë (#58) was part of my doll family and that made me SUPER sad because since she's been here since May 17th and she is such a beautiful and sweet girl. I guess she's shy compared to her outgoing big sister, Saleen. ^^; 

I'm more excited and motivated to get Zoë's room all setup so she has some place for her and Maisie to hang out. I'm already designing her room in my head and she will post weekly on Saleen's blog... once I get everything all setup. She'll have her own little space there. So excited for the upcoming changes.

Changes are coming and I hope everyone likes the new changes. 


  1. That will be nice for each of the girls to have a space. Looking forward to seeing the posts.

    1. Thanks! I'm learning a lot about the girls and character development. This has been a very cool experience.