Friday, December 26, 2014

Best of 2014

With the end of 2014 quickly coming to an end, I felt it was time to look back on what I was fortunate enough to bring home this year. I am in no way bragging because with the exception of Zoë, all of my dolls were purchased secondhand or on SUPER sale.

After dragging my feet on Kennedy (fka GOTY 2013 Saige) and thinking I didn't want to add her to my collection. 
I found out I was wrong and welcomed her to my doll family the second week of January. I got a deal because even though she was officially retired at that point I was able to bring her home for less than retail with her box.

Then March brought the arrival of the sweetest doll, Maisie (fka Ivy Ling). 
She had been on my list thanks to one of the people I follow on Instagram. She always made her look so adorable plus I had heard rumblings of the possibilty of her retiring, so I didn't want to miss out on my chance of getting her and have to scour for her. 

In April, I welcomed my grail doll, Saleen (fka Sonali Matthews) home.
Waiting for her to arrive was soo nerve wrecking and I was super overjoyed when she finally arrived. She was by far my best purchase of the year. As you already know, she is my absolutely, positively favorite doll and will remain so for all eternity. LOL Well, you get what I mean. ^^;

In May, Zoë (#58) arrived a birthday surprise from my hubby.
After helping my Sister-In-Law move into her new house, my hubby surprised me with a trip to AGP-LA where I got to handpick Zoë out myself. He such an amazing husband and I'm so grateful he's so supportive of my hobby. He even named her. (^_^)

June brought the arrival of Haven (fka Rebecca Rubin).
You all knew I went back and forth with myself about getting her for soo very long and while she is amazing, she hasn't been able to take top spot away from Saleen. (^^;)

Now the shocker of the year definitely has to be the addition of Avaree (GOTY 2014 Isabelle). 

Remember when I said I wouldn't bring her home. Well I guess you can see that all changed because Jill's Steals and Deals on 12/10/2014. ^^; I wasn't expecting Isabelle to be a part of the steals and at more than 1/2 half too. I couldn't pass her up. I don't think the GOTY has ever gone on sale like that before and I would have been foolish to not take advantage of the opportunity. Once I saw what was available I started texting my hubby and he finally got back to me about 5:45am Pacific/7:45am Central/8:45am Eastern. By this time I wasn't sure I would even be able to get the $68 Isabelle and Pet collection but as my luck would have it, after a server error and slow loading page, I was able to snag her and she was part of my Christmas/Anniversary presents from him. 

I consider myself very fortunate, lucky and most grateful to welcome these beautiful dolls to my family. Hope everyone had an amazing AG year!


  1. What a lovely doll family! I'm looking forward to more of their adventures.

    1. Thank you! (^_^) I'm looking forward to their adventures too. I'll be doing ADAD photo challenge again in 2015, so I'll be spending more time with my girls.