Sunday, December 14, 2014

Long Time, No Blog

Sorry for my absence. Let's just say I was super busy with my oldest daugher's extra curricular activities. I had a blast showing my support for my daughter and watching her experience marching band for the first time and out of the 5 competitions they received 1st place 4 times and 3rd once. Her marching band also made it to championships where they came in 9th out of over 30 other high schools. So I'm way proud of her and now I get to look forward to watching her in perform in the Winter Guard. 
Yesterday the family and I went to visit the "snow" and since I haven't played with my dolls in months, I decided to take my #1 girl along. We had an amazing day and it felt great to be photographing my girl again. I've really messed the time I had to devote to my dolls and will need to figure out how to be super mom and still have some time for my own me time. Since I was able to take some photos I'll be sharing a photo a day until I've posted them all. (^_^)

I actually have a wee bit of a surprise to announce a little later this week. I don't want to wait until Christmas to share... Well you know what I will wait to make that announcement even thought I could spill the beans earlier. ^^; 

Anyways, my plan is to set up my Christmas scene and take holiday photos of the girls, well the ones I have clothing for anyways. LOL It feels great to be semi back to normal. (^_^)

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