Sunday, December 28, 2014

Looking Forward to 2015

After acquiring so many new (to me) dolls in 2014 and I've finally hit the couch of contentment with my current collection of dolls. I don't plan on adding anymore dolls with the exception of GOTY dolls... past, present or future. I may or may not add every GOTY because it'll depend on how I feel about her.

Speaking of GOTY dolls, I'm sure everyone has seen leaks of GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas and her collection on various social media outlets. 

I won't post spoilers here for those who want to be surprised but I'll admit I'm looking forward to acquiring her and quite a few pieces from her collection to use in Saleen's world. (^_^) There has been a rumor her big ticket item will cost $500. Is there truth to the rumor? I'm not sure but considering the cost of Samantha's Ice Cream Parlor at $300, it's very well possible.

Like I already stated, I will only add GOTY dolls to my collection for the foreseeable future. So in 2015, my only plan is to add  GOTY 2012 McKenna Brooks and GOTY 2015 Grace Thomas. I know you are wondering about McKenna, she's always been on my list but a lower priority due to her secondary market price but since I only plan to buy 2 dolls in 2015, I'm hoping to find a great deal on the secondary market like I did for Kanani and Sonali. I'll be honest I don't need a NIB McKenna with full meet, of course that would be nice but totally unnecessary because in reality when will she actually wear it? 

My main AG goals for 2015 are to focus more on creating a world for Saleen & Zoë. (^_^) My girls need somewhere to sleep and have fun with their friends. (^_^) I actually plan to build my own dollhouse and fill it with accessories and furniture to make it home. I already found a pretty awesome way to create a 4 room doll house for less than $100! I'll post more about that when the time comes. I've also decided I will be looking to stretch my dollie dollars by continuing to purchase secondhand. Hopefully I can find great deals again like I did for the curlique bed with complete butterfly bedding ($49.99 shipped) and almost complete  Chrissa's craft table with the exception of the missing knitting needles ($85 shipped). I also plan to use Our Generation stuff to help fill out what I don't get from AG because I've heard there stuff is pretty good quality. I already know 2015 will be an amazing year for my girls and I. 

What are your doll plans for 2015?

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