Friday, December 19, 2014

Snow Cold!

Okay that'll be my last snow pun because there aren't anymore snow photos after these. LOL
The weather is steadily getting colder here but we will not have any snow fall where we live. I had a lot of fun taking Saleen along with my family and I. Of course I received some looks... You know the one, "Is she taking photos of a doll?"
I give them the look, "Why yes I am! And she is absolutely beautiful too." LOL I did hear a few little girls and possibly a little boy say/ask their parents/guardians, "Is that an American Girl doll?". I'd rather hear that than get the crazy doll lady stares. At any rate, I had an amazing time and was happy to bring Saleen along for the trip. (^_^)


  1. These pictures are so cute! Saleen dose really look beautiful! ^-^

  2. I love photos of dolls in the snow, so these are fabulous!

    Love the way the colours in that hoodie add extra "pop" as well. :)

  3. Fun photos. Thanks for sharing. You should see the stares you get when setting up a 6-1/2" Hitty (peg wooden) for photos!

    1. Thank you! (^_^) I've had my fair share of steers at amusement parks with my dolls. I once took a PKF Pong Pong (BJD) to the amusement park and people stare at me because they couldn't even see the doll. LOL Fun times.

  4. Her coate and boots are adorable. Great pictures.