Monday, March 31, 2014

Hope & Kennedy

It's amazing how each one of my dolls has a special place in my heart and I love them all equally. Yes, there have been girls who have come through here but I have finally found my core group of girls. I may have multiples of the same mold but they are all different and bring unique qualities to my collection! There are still a few more girls I want to add to help complete my collection. I'm really hoping what I envision in my head looks good in person. ^^;

American Girl of the Year 2005 - Marisol Luna

Hope has been having a fun time nature watching. I just had to capture her loveliness. Hope is such an amazing doll!

American Girl of the 2013 - Saige Copeland
This photo of Kennedy was taking at the very last bit of light of the day. I absolutely love how beautiful she looks.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

All My Girls

Yes these are all my girls currently residing with me. This will change come the end of April/beginning of May. It all depends when I can actually go into AGPLA because I'm physically going to pick out my girl(s)? ^^ I want to minimize my chances of getting wonky eyes or messed up wigs. One of the girls is dependent on hers. Anyway, so excited for everyone to meet them! Hopefully you'll love her/them as much as I already do!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Samantha Parkington Latest News

I almost forgot, did you see the sneak peek American Girl® posted today on their facebook page?

"By American Girl
Samantha Parkington never met a tree she couldn’t climb, a rule she couldn’t ruffle or a friend she couldn’t help. We’re excited she’s coming back this fall to inspire girls to be their very best. How does your girl inspire others? Share with us below!"

What do you think?

I'm not not going to lie but my first thought was froufrou and then very Barbiesque (not a real word but get what I mean). The silhouette definitely reminds me of Barbie. Is this what we have to look forward to when the rumored BeForever launches in August? Don't get me wrong, the colors used are some of my favorites and I'm intrigued by this latest news and am looking forward to seeing what lies ahead.

Beautiful Ocean

American Girl Doll #49
Ocean looking smashing in this dress and hair clip. I think the colors suit her very well. I like putting jewel tones on Ocean because it brings out her beautiful blue eyes. She is definitely a jewel to have my collection and I highly, highly recommend her!

What Ocean is wearing:
Dress & Hair Clip from GoTY Kanani Akina Meet Outift

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I'm So Excited!

American Girl of the Year 2009 - Chrissa Maxwell
I really do love this outfit on Karma, but that's not the reason why I'm excited. (^_^) LOL I finally made up my mind about who to start a blog for! While cleaning up this afternoon, my girl's whole world formed. I guess it's true about when you get rid of clutter, you make room for ideas. ;-) I know her hobbies, favorite color(s)/food/t.v.s show/movies, what she collects and soo much more about her. It's amazing how her character/personality has formed right before my very eyes... alright my mind's eye. LOL 

Now here is where I have a slight problem. The girl whom I've decided hasn't actually arrived here yet and won't until next month. Plus she will need to be customized BEFORE I introduce her, right? I mean I already know what customizations I plan to do but just need the right parts. LOL Or would it be okay to introduce her before she's customized? How would I write in the customizations without it looking/seeming weird? See my problem! 

At any rate, I'm really excited about my new girl coming next month. I can't wait!

What Karma is wearing:
Top: Roxy T-shirt by Lostinajungle ~ The Beach Shack ~ Etsy 
Pants: Springfield Leggings
Shoes: 2004 Ready for Fun Outfit Sneakers
Bracelet: Rainbow Loom made by me 
Hair Clips: Dollar Tree 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Karma's New Roxy Top

American Girl of the Year 2009- Chrissa Maxwell
I wanted to show a full view of Karma's new Roxy t-shirt she got from The Beach Shack on etsy. It's the perfect t-shirt for the Spring/Summer. I think this may be my favorite top for Karma right now. I do plan on going shopping for the girls next month on etsy plus AGPLA. While at AGPLA, I want to pick up a few store exclusives to use in my very first giveaway since most people aren't local to actual stores. I think it would be cool to give store exclusives as a prizes. I already know what I want to pick up... I think. (^_^) Also I think I'll start adding what the girls are wearing in case someone is curious to know.

What Karma is wearing:
Top: Roxy T-shirt by Lostinajungle ~ The Beach Shack ~ Etsy 
Pants: Springfield Leggings
Shoes: 2004 Ready for Fun Outfit Sneakers
Bracelet: Rainbow Loom made by me 
Hair Clips: Dollar Tree 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Say Cheese!

Lt to Rt: GoTY Kanani (2011), GoTY Jess (2006) & Ivy Ling
The girls graciously allowed me to take their photo. 

American Girl of the Year 2009 - Chrissa Maxwell
Also Karma received a new t-shirt from The Beach Shack on etsy and it totally brings out her eyes. Karma totally loves it!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Girl Talk!

Lt to Rt: GoTY Kanani (2011), GoTY Jess (2006) & Ivy Ling
Nevaeh and Maisie seem to be boring Kalea. I wonder what she is thinking about. Maybe going on a nature walk to pick dandelions or dancing again. I don't know but they look like they are deep in conversation. 

Now if I could just learn how to do stop motions or even good photo stories, I could use these photos I take. LOL 

Any pointers, tips, advice and/or suggestions on photo stories and/or stop motions?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Neveah's Ready for Spring!

American Girl of the Year 2011 - Kanani Akina
Spring break has officially begun here and Neveah is ready for an adventure.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring!

American Girl of the Year 2005 - Marisol Luna

It's Spring! It's Spring! Well, we really didn't have Winter this past year but it's still nice to know we have a beautiful Spring ahead of us. (^_^)

Now, I have a little gripe... Is it just me or does Hope's eyes look wonky? I sent her in to the hospital for new eyes because she had retracting eyelashes. Now she comes back with eyes that are looking in two different directions! I could be wrong and it's just the angle if the photo. I'm looking at her on my shelf and her eyes look normal. Guess it is just the angle of the photo. Hope such a beautiful girl!

Happy Spring everyone!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nature Walk with Hope & Kalea

American Girl of the Year 2005 -Marisol Luna
Hope went on a nature walk and found herself a beautiful tree to rest on while Kalea danced around in the sun.

American Girl of the Year 2006 - Jess McConnell
Kalea enjoyed spinning in circles in her beautiful new maxi skirt (sneak peek alert). The girls had a lot of fun getting ready for Spring to start tomorrow. (^_^)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring is Near!

American Girl of the Year 2006 - Jess McConnell
The first official day of Spring is this Thursday March 20th and Kalea is ready. She returned from the doll hospital a couple a weeks back with Hope. Her hair is such a beautiful color. I really didn't realize how auburn her hair could be until she was in this lighting. I guess I caught the sun at the right angle and my camera liked the auburn highlights most. If I tried to do this again, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to recreate this same color. Too bad because her hair stands out and I love it!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

¸.•♥•.¸¸.•♥• Dylan •♥•.¸¸.•♥•.¸

American Girl Doll - Ruthie Smithens
Here is another photo from my indoor photo shoot with Dylan. I really like how this one came out. There's hope after all for my indoor photography... Yay! Also here is a closer look at her new outfit.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dylan's New Outfit

American Girl Doll - Ruthie Smithens
Dylan wanted to show you her new outfit I made her. Well the shirt was made quite awhile ago but I made the skirt today. ^^;  It was too windy outside for me to take her photo so I was able to practice my indoor photography. I'm happy to report that it went better this time than last but I'm more comfortable taking photos outside. XP Hopefully it won't be as windy tomorrow.. not too sure though, since it's been quite windy since Thursday.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Huge Sale on American Girl website!

American Girl Doll - #49

Ocean looks radiant in this photo!

Did you hear that American Girl® is running a sale with savings up to 40% off select items while supplies last? I think they may need to go back and look because I've seen a couple of things on sale for more than 50% off! Anyway, a few of them items on sale I already got during the in-store sale Valentine's weekend. But if you are looking for last years holiday dresses, they're currently on sale for $27! Yes, you can use the free shipping codes (181199, Blossom or Bloom) on orders of $100 or more too! Both the sale and free shipping codes end on March 25th.

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bronze Beauty

American Girl Doll #49
Ocean is such a sweet doll! I don't give her enough attention... Actually I don't give enough attention to a lot of my girls and that has to change. I was looking over my photos and I can clearly see which girls I favor more. I only have the 9 of them but less than 1/2 get camera time. ╯.╰  I started thinking I may hold off on adding anymore girls for awhile and just focus on the girls already here. Work on building up their personalities and develop their characters/stories, so we (yes, me included) can get to know each girl better. I mean there isn't any rush to add my last 2 girls because neither are endanger of being archived or retired... well not that I'm aware of anyway. (✿◠‿◠)

So I would like to start a blog in their voice but I'm not really sure how to go about it. Should I choose my absolute favorite girl and have everyone else be characters in her world or should I chose a number of girls and have them blog with everyone else being characters in their world? If so, who should I choose? I didn't know how complicated character blogs could be. Any advice, tips and suggestions are GREATLY appreciated.  ≧◠◡◠≦

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ocean ஐ

American Girl Doll #49

One of my Instagram friends just received her #49 today. I couldn't help myself, so I did an impromptu photo shoot with Ocean in celebration of her arrival since my Ocean inspired her to add #49 to her doll family. Yay, I inspired someone! (^_^)

Liebster Award

Thanks for nominating my blog for the Liebster Award! It's amazing to know people are actually reading it.

Question from Marisa AG

1.When did you start blogging?
February 2012
2. What made you want to start a blog?
I wanted to share my love for dolls with all who would listen and let others know you are NEVER too old to play with dolls. (^_^)
3. What is your favorite doll?
It's a 3 way tie between Ivy, Jess and Kanani. They are my absolute favorite dolls.
4. What doll do you want next?
They're custom surprises. ;0)
5. What doll should AG make next? (Like traits of a doll that you'd like, hair color/length, eyes, face mold, etc.)
A dark skin Jess or Josefina mold with amber eyes (like #26) and long textured hair.
6. How many blogs do you currently contribute to?
Mainly this one but slowly working on my minis blog.
7. Do you plan to start any more blogs?
Yes! I want to start a blog in the solely done by my dolls.
8. Where is your favorite place to photograph your dolls?
In my backyard.
9. How good do you think you are at taking doll photos? Why?
My photography skills grow every day. I try to capture the mood of each of my girls when I take photos.
10. Will you ever "grow out of" dolls? Why/ why not?
Never!If I grew out of dolls then life would be boring. LOL
11.Do you prefer Historicals, My American Girls, or Girl of the Year dolls?
MyAGs and GoTYs

Questions from Dolly Dorm Diaries

1.  What part of doll collecting to you love most?
Meeting amazing people who have the same love for doll collecting as me.
2.  What are you to your doll(s)?  Mom? Caretaker? Friend?
Caretaker to some and mom to others. :-)
3.  What doll is your mini me?
There isn't a doll mini me... yet! ;-)
4.  What is your favorite AG pet?
5.  Ever been to an AG Place?  If so, where?
6.  Take your dolls out in public?
All the time!
7.  Beach or mountain vacation?
Beach vacation
8.  Favorite vacation spot?
9.  Favorite AG Horse?
10. Early riser or night owl?
Night Owl
11. Own an AG boy doll?  Name?
 Unfortunately no... maybe one day.

 Now, I'm supposed to nominate (11) blogs too!  Here are my nominations in no particular order:

1. Super Inky
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And here are your questions:
1. How long have you collected AG dolls?
2. Who was your first AG doll?
3. How many AG dolls do you have?
4. Do you have any customs? How many?
5. Who's your next doll?
6. What's your favorite song?
7. What's your favorite book?
8. What's your favorite t.v. show?
9. What's your favorite movie?
10. What's your favorite food?
11. What's your favorite color?

    Tuesday, March 11, 2014

    What a Sunny Day!

    American Girl Doll - Ivy Ling
    It got a little warm out so Maisie removed her hat. If it's this warm and Spring hasn't officially started yet, man it's going to be a very hot Summer. 

    I know you are probably thinking, how can I already be talking about Summer? Well, we are almost half way though March and Spring Break for my kids is at the end of the month. Before I know it, May will be here and school will be letting out for the Summer.

    Monday, March 10, 2014

    Spring is in the Air!

    American Girl Doll - Ivy Ling

    Spring has definitely stared here in Southern California. This past weekend we were already in the 80s! (^_^) Maisie loves her new outfit and I think it's perfect for Spring.

    Has the weather began to warm up where you?

    Sunday, March 9, 2014

    Maisie Springs Forward!

    American Girl Doll - Ivy Ling
    Maisie is wearing the new in-store exclusive Spring PWP (Purchase-With-Purchase) set from AG. I wasn't too keen on the hat until I put it on Maisie. She looks absolutely adorable with this hat on.

    Here is everything that's included with the PWP... a tee shirt, bucket hat and cute plastic kukui bead bracelet. Very cute set and totally worth $14. Highly recommended!

    Friday, March 7, 2014

    Beautiful Blue Eyes

    American Girl of the Year 2009 - Chrissa Maxwell
    Karma's eyes are such a crystal clear shade of blue I had to highlight them in this photo. I probably should've highlighted her hair color too but it didn't think about it until just now. LOL Maybe next time I do a shot like this I will remember. ^^; 

    Thursday, March 6, 2014

    So Happy... Yet Confused!!

    American Girl of the Year 2009 - Chrissa Maxwell
    Karma is soo beautfiul! Her combination of features is stunning. Sorry if I keep saying that but I truly believe it makes her quite unique. 

    Hope and Kalea made it home safely yesterday! I'm so happy to have them back and in perfect condition. I think their limbs were tightened during their stay. Kalea's new head is amazing and hair is soo beautiful! You can REALLY see the red/auburn highlights when she stands next to Maisie. I was thinking about taking an updated photo of  all my girls together this weekend but I think I'll wait until next month when I have ALL my girls home. (^_^)

    Okay, it's happening again. While I was waiting to pick my kids up from school yesterday, I started to have second thoughts about Rebecca. ^^; She looks amazing in EVERYONE'S photos (for the most part) BUT what if I get her and I don't like her like I thought I would? I would be devastated! Believe me this has happened to me before. I wanted a doll for a long time that when I finally got one of my own, I found while she was beautiful in photos, she didn't blow me away in person. I think in the end when I go to AGPLA, I'll be able to see if any of the Rebeccas there call out to me like Maisie. Like I recently said, I now understand what people are talking about dolls calling out to them because that's what Maisie did to me. Oh I'm soo confused!

    Has this happened to you before? How did you deal with it?

    Wednesday, March 5, 2014

    Beautiful Karma

    American Girl of the Year 2009 - Chrissa Maxwell
    Karma is settling right in with the girls. I absolutely love the uniqueness she brings to my collection. I do plan on working on her wig so I can get rid of those pesky flyaways. I don't know how people can say she isn't photogenic. I find her to be quite photogenic and I really enjoyed this photo shoot with her. There will be many more to come. (^_^)

    Tuesday, March 4, 2014

    Doll Wishlist 2014 Almost Complete!

    Actually, it's not just 2014 but for the foreseeable future. LOL There are only 2 more dolls I plan to add to my doll family.

    Rebecca Rubin                                            MyAG #58

    I already said Rebecca was on the top of my "must have" list. LOL So, of course she is one of the two and  #58 has been a "must have" since last year! I plan to get both of these beauties next month from AGPLA where I can handpick them out and then my doll family will finally be complete! (^_^)

    Now as you can see, I've made a final decision about Isabelle. While she's a pretty doll, she will NOT come to live here. I can see it was the hype of wanting the "new shiny" making me think I want her. (My oldest daughter said I wouldn't get her because I don't find her to be my cup of tea. LOL) Remember when I talked about visiting AGPLA a little over 2 weeks ago, when I went to drop off Hope and Kalea to be sent to the Doll Hospital? (According to FedEx tracking, they should be home TOMORROW... So happy!) I was able to see Isabelle for myself in person and she didn't grab me. I could've purchased her right then but I wasn't compelled to bring her home. ^^; While I may not want the doll, I do want to get more pieces from Isabelle's collection for my other girls though. (^_^)

    I'm glad I've come to my senses before I experience the dreaded buyers remorse which I've already had my share. You almost got me AG... almost! I'm safe for this year... anyways. ;-)

    Who's on your wish list for 2014?

    ♥ Karma ♥

    American Girl of The Year 2009 - Chrissa Maxwell
    And here she is! Let me introduce you to Karma (fka GoTY 2009 Chrissa Maxwell). I was having a hard time deciding between her and Rebecca. I know everyone drools over Rebecca because she is absolutely stunning. Hey don't get me wrong, she's on my "must have" list too but I also think Chrissa is really beautiful and I love her combination of hair, eye and skin tone. SO I decided I'll get both. LOL I just happen upon this Chrissa on eBay for quite a great deal and I knew I couldn't pass it up. Yes her hair is still in need of some attention and I will work on that but for what I paid for, even if I sent her into the doll hospital for a new head, she'd still be a great deal!

    Welcome to the family, Karma! (^_^)

    Monday, March 3, 2014

    So Lovely!

    American Girl Doll - Ivy Ling
    Today was a beautiful day. No rain and my newest girl arrived today. (^_^) I was called a rude name on Instagram and I want to make it clear here, I don't want people to think I get new girls all the time, believe me I don't. I used to collect BJDs (ball jointed dolls) and I sold all of them to get my current girls. Furthermore I'm not a tween or teen, I have a teenage daughter plus a tween age son plus 3 other younger children. I'm an adult AG collector and I really enjoy all the amazing people I have met through it but I was kinda sadden and hurt by the name calling. But oh well, I'll just keep a stiff upper lip and keep it moving.

    Sorry for the downer moment but on that note, my new girl did arrive today and she is beautiful! I think she gets a bum wrap too. I don't even know why either. I can't wait to introduce her to you guys tomorrow. ^^; She'll already here on the blog. ↑↑

    Sunday, March 2, 2014


    American Girl Doll - Ivy Ling
    With the addition of Maisie, I feel an overwhelming since of joy. I never knew I could feel this way about my collection. There are still a couple of more girls who well be joining the family and completing my collection... one should arrive tomorrow, any guesses as to who she is? My doll family and wish list are almost complete! (^_^) Once the other girls arrive, I'll be done adding new girls. Yes, I'll still be excited to see what the new GoTY at the beginning of the year but she'll have to fulfill gap for me to add her to my family. 

    Saturday, March 1, 2014

    Meet Maisie!

    American Girl Doll - Ivy Ling
    Maisie arrived on Friday during our rain storm and I took her intro photos indoors but I couldn't bring myself to post them because they were not my best work. ^^; So this morning during a brief period when the rain was just a drizzle, I decided to take her, my umbrella and camera out to take proper photos because I couldn't wait to introduce her to everyone. ^^; No more than 5 minutes after I walked into the house, it went from a drizzle to full on downpour. LOL But at least I got some photos! (^_^)

    I'm going to admit right now, AG has terrible stock photos because they don't do Ivy any justice. Ivy is so much more adorable than they make her out to be. Not to mention I'm not a fan of her hideous meet outfit either. XP I found while Maisie may have bangs which I don't normally like on my dolls, I really LOVE this girl a lot and I'm so glad she's a part of the family! (^_^)